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New Zealand Waitangi Crown 1935 - Conservation or not...

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I have a Waitangi Crown. I want to send it in for grading and encapsulation at PCGS. The coin is pretty attractive, but has a couple of areas where it sort of looks dirty or maybe part of finger print is showing.


I'm pretty certain the coin will grade and encapsulate as it sits. But in the interests of preservation for longer term storage, I was thinking to send this coin into NCS so the surfaces could have any oils or residues that might exist removed.


I got as far as filling out all the NCS paper work and reading the part where if NCS dorks a coin, they are not liable. While I'm sure this is all just the usual boiler plate, it got me thinking...


What are the chances of an NCS treatment resulting in a coin coming back in a condition that a grading service (specifically PCGS) won't grade the coin.


I wouldn't be worried about this except that I think this is a $3K coin and currently has nothing really wrong with it.


I'll try to attach a couple of photos. (I think the little black spot on the reverse near the Brit-guy's bottom is a wee bit of black felt, not a spot on the coin.


So Chris, what do you think? Do I send this in and maybe you guys can call me with your professional evaluation once you look at the coin? In this case, I'm probaby okay with "doing nothing", but at the same time, I want to leave the coin in the best shape possible for my daughter. Minimum anticipated storage will be 20 years (then she'll need tution or beer money). laugh.gif






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It certainly would be possible to remove any minute surface oils and other potentially damaging residues from your coin.


Fingerprints can present a tricky situation. We could have some varying success on removing this fingerprint. Depending on a couple factors like how long the fingerprint has been on the surface of the coin or how much the oils have begun to eat into the surface, the fingerprint could be lightened or could be removed and certainly could be prevented from becoming worse.


NCS does not employ any techniques that might cause a coin to be deemed damaged and uncertifiable by a major grading service.


Feel free to request to be contacted following a coin's evaluation. Also feel free to add any notes about what you would like to be addressed with conservation on your submission form.


You are being generous with your beer budgeting.


Chris, NCS

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All the paperwork and the Waitangi Crown are in the mail (registered and insured).


Thanks for your adivce. I'm looking forward to hearing the NCS opinion on the coin and what would benifit the coin the most.



PS: Still waiting on my last Panda to send into you guys.

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