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IMAGES ADDED! My Central States experience, summarized in a few paragraphs

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I wish I could have posted Show Reports, but to be honest, I was absolutely swamped from practically the second I got my booth setup, and the traffic didn't let up until security escorted everyone off the bourse floor! So I can only give an overview and impression of the Great Central States Escapade.


I'll begin with the auction, and unfortunately, I have little positive to say here. There were five lots that had piqued my interest - four Standing Liberty quarters that appeared from images to have full-shield potential. Two were in PCGS slabs, and two were in NGC slabs; one of the PCGS coins was a Platinum Night coin. I examined all four coins in detail, and I'm sorry, but my opinion of the four coins was a mixture of disappointment with the grading, and a hint of resentment with the misleading images that probably enticed on-line bidders to bid too much. I can't speak for any other SLQs, since I didn't even look at any others, but these coins, which were all in the 65 to 66 range were awful for the assigned grades, just awful. An MS-66 just should not have a scratch on the shield - one of the prime focal points. And an MS-66 shouldn't have gouges on the reverse. So, I skipped on all four coins.


There was a 1936 Mercury in NGC PR-64 which was very nice in person - actually nicer than the on-line image. In fact, it was nicer than any of the PR-65s in the same sale! As miserable luck would have it, I had timed the window of when the coin should hit the live auction, and barely made it out of the bourse (I had to leave a customer hanging) and onto the auction floor (three people in the entire auction room) - only to discover that the auctioneer must have absolutely sailed through all the earlier lots. I missed my coin by TWELVE stinking lots!!!! Man, was I steamed. Of all the coins I wanted, that was THE coin I really wanted to get!


So, I netted ZILCH for the auction.


The only good to come out of all this was that I perused every on-line only bust half in the sale, most all graded by ANACS. Many were questionably put into details-grade holders as being "cleaned", "scratched", whatever. Guys, I am telling you right now that half these coins would cross to PCGS or NGC, and I'm not kidding. ANACS was extremely conservative, on the verge of being harsh, in grading these coins. So I snagged EIGHT of them, and can't wait to get them.


My favorite purchase of the show was a 1936 Satin Proof Lincoln from Ray Hinkelman, graded PR-64 RB by PCGS. He was kind in letting me have it for $1125. I couldn't crack it out fast enough, and it now proudly occupies the very first hole of my Dansco proof-set album. My second favorite purchase was an 1838 Reeded Edge half from Coleman Foster. It was graded as XF/AU and priced at AU bid ($280), but I call it EF-40+. What I love is the extreme originality and supreme surface quality. I paid ridiculous money for it, but my primary goal was to get it out of his inventory so that some greasy-haired mustard-stained dealer/doctor wouldn't snag it and dip it, hoping for a AU coin. I'll image it later.


The coolest coins to walk up (though they weren't for sale) were in a trio that a middle-aged couple had just inherited. To my disbelief, they were an 1848 Large Cent (I don't recall the variety, but it was an R7(?!) variety that would rank #1 in the condition census, a staggering 1909-S VDB Lincoln that I thought was a no-brainer MS-66 and extremely close to full RD, and an 1883 With Cents nickel that appeared to be at least a CAM. Unfortunately, the nickel was hazed from being in a PVC flip, so I strongly urged the couple to take the coins immediately to the NGC booth and get it conserved, along with getting the other coins attributed and graded. I look forward to seeing that large cent in the next EAC sale!


The coins that sold best for me were an odd mixture of Liberty nickels (sold five), cheaper coins ($5 - $50, of which I sold some twenty-five pieces), and a smattering of proof-singles. I did have a curious experience with trying to locate a 1950 Proof Roosevelt dime. I'd been commissioned to buy or assemble a 1950 Proof set, and had four of the five coins, needing just the dime. I kid you not, there was not even one single dealer who had one! It was as if a thief in the night had invaded the bourse and stolen every single 1950 Proof dime in existence. Actually, one dealer had a couple, but I had no interest in paying $200 (?!) for a certifed CAM.


I know that many dealers reported mediocre to slow sales, but Icoins out of Joliet, set up the next booth over, was selling A LOT of material and having a fantastic show. I would characterize it as a Very Good show, perhaps 7/10, reflecting a combination of good sales, and very good purchases - about fifty new coins in all, if you can believe it (many, however, for want lists).


On a final note, I enjoyed a nice evening with Brad H. (SlumLord98) and his buddy Charles, at Cunetto's, an authentic Italian restaurant on The Hill. I gave the guys a quick tour of Forest Park and surrounding areas of St. Louis, and Charlie was kind enough to pick up the tab on dinner. Thanks guys, and next time, we'll get some authentic Italian at Hardee's on The Hill (inside joke smile.gif)!

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Thanks for the rundown. Sounds like a mixture of good and bad, sorry you missed that Dime you wanted. Please let us know how you make out on the Bust Half Cross Overs.



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You want images? I GOT IMAGES!


This is just a small sampling. I actually bought around fifty coins at the show. Enjoy!























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James, that '37 RE is a BEAUT! Ya gonna sell it? wink.gif

I think it's pretty decent for VF-35. Rumor has it that it's already been added to a board member's website 893scratchchin-thumb.gif.

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Were the ANACS Busties you are referring to in the Heritage auction? I was watching many...some specifics would be great. Always fun to study the pics to learn what "cleaned" looks like when it may not "really" be cleaned...


Thanks for the report! Looks like loads of fun!


BTW: I did buy a couple of items from this Heritage sale...to be posted when in hand... grin.gif

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Were the ANACS Busties you are referring to in the Heritage auction? I was watching many...some specifics would be great. Always fun to study the pics to learn what "cleaned" looks like when it may not "really" be cleaned...

Yes, and I will do a future post on them.

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