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Seeking Bicentinial Advice

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I'm mainly a currency guy, but I'm looking to get some bicentinial quarters, half dollars, and silver dollars.


I'm looking for unopened rolls. What price should I expect to pay for each. I know you guys know your stuff, so let me know what you think.

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You will have a difficult time finding rolls of dollars. The Mint did not roll the dollars and the Federal Reserve banks used to put the dollars into plastic tubes. These tubes did not survive because the coins were very popular as collectibles. If you find a FRB rolled tube, it will have a seal similar to the seals states put on alcohol bottles. These are very rare. I have seen one. It was so long ago that whatever the price was then does not apply today.


Half dollar rolls are less rare, but are not easy to find. Most people who had rolls put them together from various sources in plastic tubes. I have never seen an FRB rolled tube with the seal.


Quarter rolls are easier to find. These are usually bank rolled shot-gun rolls with uncirculated coins from Mint bags. Shotgun rolls can cost from $65 and up. Sometimes, you can find someone who will sell you a mixed roll (20 each P&D mints) of uncirculated coins for $65.


Depending on what you are looking for, you can search for individual coins in sufficient quantity. Mid-range, Type 1 P Mint Eisenhower Dollars MS64 coins can sell for $30-40 each not graded. Add $20-25 for graded. Type 2 P Mint dollars are selling in the $20-25 range at MS64. Eisenhower dollars did not strike well (size, engraving, etc.), so the better the strike, the more expensive the coin. D Mint dollars are averaging $25-30 for Type 1 raw and $15-20 for Type 2 raw. In all cases, add about $20-30 for slabbed coins.


You can get some nice MS66 S-mint silver coins for $45-50 each. In fact, I have a coin at NGC that I think is a borderline MS66 I am hoping comes back at an MS67!


Kennedy halves can be found around $15 each for MS63-64 coins. Price for 1976-P halves jumps at higher grades becuase they are more difficult to find. D-mint goes up nominally in comparison. Nice MS64 halves can make a nice set.


Washington quarters are easier. All mints can be found for $10-15 in MS64. D mint coins go up a bit more in higher grades. S mint silver does not increase like the D mint coins. For example, one reference I am looking at says that a 1976-D in MS67 is $140 where the 1976-S silver coin in MS67 around $50!


That being said, if you are looking for Bicentennial silver coins, you may want to check out the offerings from Blue Moon Coins on eBay. They are selling a hoard of coins, many silver bicentennial. I just purchased 10 1976-S Proofs for $40! They are offering the coins for $50, I sent them a best offer for $40 and purchased the coins. If any grades higher than PF65 I will make a nice profit!


I hope that helps.


Scott hi.gif

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You might want to look at the '75 and '76 mint sets for high quality coins cheap. The '76 quality is better especially for quarters and dollars but the highest grade coins might be found in either set.


Wholesale prices for rolls is quite reasonable though some of the dollar rolls will prove elusive now days.

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