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Designation review/reholder

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I have a 2 part question...


Is it allowable to specify on the form for a coin to have a designation review (which would cause a reholder) but specify that if the coin does not meet the designation that the coin get reholdered anyway (that is, regardless of the outcome, the coin gets into a new holder)?


Also, is it possible to put such a coin on the same invoice as a bunch of other reholder onlys?


That is, I have about 7-8 slabs that need to be reholdered and one of them, I strongly believe, is eligible for a * (it is a pre-star slab). But I wouldn't want to put it on a separate invoice necessarily since it is the only one. So what I'm looking for is "please reholder all of these but also check this one for designation."


Thanks for any help. smile.gif BTW, I should get an honorary CS membership since I've spent enough money as an ANA member... laugh.gif



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Because Reholders are treated differently than Designation Reviews, I recommend putting each request on its own invoice. You may send them to us in the same package, and we will make our best effort to return them in the same package to cut down on your shipping charges.


You will get an automatic reholder on your designation review, but you are certainly encouraged to make a note of that as well.


Thanks for your question and we look forward to providing you continued service to you and your collection.



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