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Hey Parker...

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Nowadays I stay at Houston shows and a few National favorites that have been good money makers. I would say most really good retail money for a dealer is in California, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Florida. If your going to do coins fulltime, move to one of these states. With the online coin site and my travel schedule for the financial consulting end of my business it is tough to get out to shows. I had hoped one day to do coins fulltime but too many bad shows during the 1990's have taken a lot of that desire out of me. I remember one particular bad one at Greenspoint Mall in Houston in the early 90's and streams of people who did not have any money to buy anything, not even junk! It was horrible wasting a weekend like that and then back to work on Monday. It really hacked me off when they moved the Greater Houston show from the Adams Mark Hotel to 1st the Astro Arena and then Greenspoint Mall (one show I set up there they did not come to buy but to steal) for a couple of years. Coin shows belong at nice hotels not the same place you have the livestock and cattle show. I have tried to organize a professional show promoter / dealer group to put on shows at the Nassau Bay Hilton on Clear Lake - this is where the money is.


When I started teaching Accounting classes in 2003, my financial consulting buisness took off with that synergy. Currently I am responsible for the financial controls for two $100 M Projects one to be built in Texas and one in California. I spend one week out of the month in California. Yes I would like to spend a weekend at TNA but would loose too much money in consulting revenue to make it worth my while. Making money at a big show like that is a real dogfight. I would attend / set up mainly to buy. As a side hobby, I have had fun slabbing mod coins at ANACS as I like their product, respect their grading, and they are located right here in Texas. They are America's oldest grading service and one of the 4 major TPG's.


There are a lot of nuts in these forums (the PCGS forum is full of them) and I like to keep a low / private profile. That way I can speak more freely. I have found that people who bash dealers really for the most part don't have any money.


Try to collect coins you like - with the bids in the CDN increasing for Texas halves lately now mite be a time to put together a set of them. Bruce you have a really neat site displaing your coins, a really super collection. Keep on going!

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Parker thanks for that rundown. Also thanks for the comments on my site. I need to update it with all the rest of the pictures. just getting around to it is the problem. Real work keeps me tied up quite a bit. Down to 3 coins left for my set and a few upgrades.



Rey the show is May 18th - 20th.

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