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Conservation as Preservation prior to slabbing for Gold Pandas

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I have just purchased a five coin set of gold Pandas. They came in a soft plastic sealed envelope from the Chinese mint. I am going to have these slabbed for my daughter and expect to hold them at least twenty years. I really don't want these coins developing spots or hazing or other problems in that time frame due to any reside the mint packaging might have left. I wonder if I should send these to you for PVC residue removal (not that I can see any, but an afraid the soft plastic mint packaging might have deposited some - albeit a small amount) before I send these into NGC. Or would this just be a waste of your guys time and my money?


I understand Gold isn't very reactive, but 20 years in storage seems like a long time to me...


The other thing I'm considering is rinsing these in acetone (I hear that will not touch the coin's metal surface, but removes PVC). I don't suppose you might offer comment on that idea? The prospect makes me a little skittish as these have proof-like strikes and I'm a bit afraid of doing anything with them other than looking at them. (yea, yea, I'm a wuss).





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Original mint packaging in general is not the best for long-term storage. For Pandas in particular, the original mint packing does contain PVC. I have seen many Panda coins submitted through NCS that have varying degrees of staining due to the PVC being deposited on the surface. I would recommend removing the coins from the original packaging. Having the coins conserved prior to certification by NGC would also be a good idea.


Chris, NCS

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I submitted a large batch of pandas through NCS for cleanup before sending them over to NGC abd I can say they did an excellent job. Could you use acetone and do it yourself? Maybe, but I didn't feel comfortable doing that when I could let NCS handle it for a modest cost.


Welcome to the world of Panda Collecting. Feel free to PM me with any Panda Specific questions.

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