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I'm going Morgan Shopping & I have a Question.

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Hey Guys,


Generally, which would you choose...


A 1883-CC Morgan NGC MS64 DMPL




A 1883-CC Morgan NGC MS65 PL


Opinions Please. 893scratchchin-thumb.gif


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Those are both good grades to collect IMO. Many would choose the DMPL because they are very popular right now and going up in price. Also, both PCGS and NGC give out the PL designation to many CC dollars that are just barely PL and sometimes they don't really bring a significant premium to non PL pieces, PCGS will often hand out a PL designation to very PQ coins for the grade which IMO is a way for them to reward a PQ coin which is just semi PL at best, especially for a CC dollar.


If you decide to go with DMPL pieces, make sure they are FULL DMPL's and not the myriad of marginal coins out there in DMPL holders. Back when PCGS was using the green tags, and nearly all of the older NGC holders have a LOT of coins in DMPL holders that are not even remotely close full DMPL pieces as PCGS was more lenient back then on the DMPL designation, and the older NGC holders had something in the plastic that toned and diminished the mirrors on DMPL dollars IMO. I've seen pleanty of older holder NGC coins in DMPL holders that would barely qualify for a PL designation today, same with older holder PCGS pieces. You just have to look at them on a coin by coin basis and know what to expect for a given date. Pay a premium for very deeply mirrored pieces when available, and you will be happy come resale time.



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