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Rainbow coins

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There are numerous ways to AT coins, including heat and chemicals. The best way to tell the difference between the two is to research the "look" of a naturally toned coin. Go to a show, and look at the numerous toned coins that have been slabbed by NGC or PCGS, then compare those to raw coins that are being sold toned. You'll start seeing a difference in what looks wacky and what looks original.

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Those coins are screaming AT. As has been said, look around at shows at thousands of coins, primarily slabbed, and look at many, many toned coins. Based upon metal composition, likely storage environment and age you can determine, in conjunction with the experience of what the "look" is, what is likely real and what is likely AT.

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Also, you may want to take a look at my site, the link is in my signature area, to view images of original, outstanding toning.


Please Note: There are some coins for sale on my site, so, if you would feel like you were being spammed by going to the site, please do not click the link. Thank you. smile.gif

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OK !

I'm happy to see that all of you had the right answer....


Because I can tell you 100% and above any daubt.




And be aware... that was EZ cause I choose Iks, what if those were Morgans ?

Also what if they had the same colors without the Satin look ?








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If you were doing it as a quiz then you have lots to work on since those coins would look obviously AT no matter what series they happened to plague.

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for me and this is for great toned coins pre 1950 and not morgans

(as post 1950 and toned morgans i know nothing about)


the coin has to first be there gradewise and then tonewise i like great toned coins where the grade is all there and not pushed a point or two because of the toning then if this is the case then you really got that special toned coin!

now for me i do not mind lets say a liner xx.999 with exceptional/extraordinary something you just do not usually see one in a million godzilla/monster toning to get the next grade up if the coin is a xx.99 liner coin


that is okie


now here is one of those godzilla coins that is solid for the grade as for an ms68 there is no such thing for me as a high end or low end coin it is either all there or not


as per ms68 pre 1950 coins not morgan dollars it is all there or not!


the reason why i say pre 1950 non morgan dollars toned coins is i know nothing about post 1950 and toned morgans





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the above 1860 is strongly prooflike and is strongly cameoed but i guess the coin needs to be seen in person


go find any modern coin that looks better than this coin HARD TO FIND

**********and in the same state of preservation and this coin is a per civil war coin!*********




now here is another interesting toned coin where the toning is exceptional and in fact the reverse of this coin is a total monster a proof 65 pcgs coin here is a coin that not only was NOT bumped a grade BUT WAS UNDERGRADED A POINT

it is a no brainer proof 66

the reverse is a 67 in technicAL MERITS AND one in a million toning!!!!but with the obverse being a technical 66 just will not happen

and pcgs just doesnot like some types of toning especially if the toning is heavy medium as this coin and for me that is okie


as if this coin was in a proof 66 holder which it should be would have cost the buyer lots more in a 66 pcgs holder than he paid for this coin in the 65 holder...........lol


so actually a good thing..............lol

as right now in this market it is the holder and grade but sometimes you can find coins like this coin this 1867 and it costs less because of the holder and thre grade on the holder..........lol but after this recent ana almost impossible to find


in person this coin is a 360 degree coin......lol


in other words you do not have to tilt it the right way at an exact degree to see this coin is great


this coin under any light at any angle this coin is a total great exceptional coin with the reverse a one in a million godzilla ,monster plus plus


the reason being you say??????


the mirrors are super monster deep deep the contrast between the mirrored fields and devices are great!! and in person you can see if this coin was white it would be a deep cameo!! but because of the medium toning well it never happen and reasonably so! but still the contrast between the mirrors and devices when this coin is viewed sight seen it is all there


so these four concepts of the coin

the monster deep mirrors

and the contrasting devices

the technical merits a superb gem proof

and the fantastic toni with the reverse being monster one in a million


make this coin super duper!! and this coin is a coin from the 1860's not the 1960's!!


and yet sold for much less much much much monster less than the 40k proof lincoln cent from the 1970's i believe!!??


making seated coins at least for me coins that are buys now and great values even with coins that do not look like this coin AS LONG AS THE COIN HAS GREAT EYE APPEAL!





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now here is another coin that in person the coin is technically a proof 68 SEE BELOW WHY THIS IS NOT IN A PF68 HOLDER ngc proof 67 and without the toning it is a super nice proof 67 for the grade

** a plus for me not being bumped up for the toning!! ** what makes this coin fantastic so to speak is the wild


colors that WHEN VIEWED IN PERSON JUST KNOCK YOU OUT totally bright and vibrant which you rarely ever see on lib nicks

again the scan barely does justice to the coin you would have to withhold judgment till you saw the coin in person enhanced by the mirrors and cameo of this but this coin has to be sight seen to see this sorry guys!! the scan is all we gots here that and a bag of chips


oh and as usual with a few 1910 proof lib nicks the mirrors are mercury liquid monster deep with a strong cameo this coin is not graded cameo and it surprises me it was not designated as such but a no brainer cameo to me easy and a strongly cameo plus plus on the obverse again seen in person!! the mirrors are monster on this coin and really adds and shows off extra eye appeal to this coin!



now of course there are some really great monster toned lib nicks in ms and better ones in proof just because of the mirrors and most all of these coins are more like subdued pastel toning precious few with great rainbow colors such is the way they toned based on their nickel and mostly copper content!



anyway this coin in this scan is amazing as the colors are bright and vibrant in person the colors are so bright and vibrant they look like they are freshed painted colors that have not yet dried!! they have that liquid sheen to them!



and again you just do not see lib nicks that look like this coin


the only reason this coin is not in a proof 68 holder IS BECAUSE OF ONE THING


proof indian cents/lib nicks of oh 1903 to 1910 or there abouts on some of the coins especially so the first strikes off of the dies

you tilt the coin and the coin has really super duper deep mirrors and such is with this lib nick and especially so on 1910 lib nicks but you tilt the coin another way and you see these strong die striations on the coin that go into the lettering and devices but not on top of them as THESE ARE NOT HAIRLINES but mint made die striations


these striations are caused by the mint production of these dies? and possibly by the pressman wiping the dies? and causing lines in the dies to make these striations possibly due to clash marks?? so many possibilities well i guess that is another story for another time


these striations wore off the dies as many later coins were struck but since this coin is so deeply mirrored with a strong cameo and with these striations being seen on the coin at an exact angle when tilted this coin is clearly one of the first off of fresh new dies!!



the striations are stronger on the obverse than the reverse and the cameo again is stronger on the obverse than the reverse but man the combo of the deep liquid mirrors this fresh vibrant rainbow toning like fresh suer gloss paint not even dried in combo with the cameo and this coin again is technically perfect NO HAIRLINES OR MARKS but only a proof67 due to the current market gradeing of this coin they took into consideration the striations and market graded the coin a proof67 and man it is a NICE PROOF 67! without the striations an easy proof 68


in fACT without tilting the coin many would never even see these striations


but okie by me as this coin would be lots more chocolate covered bananas in a proof 68 holder


but if the 1970's deep cameo proof cent sight seen is worth 40k then this coin is a million dollar coin!!!!!! lol


and in case some of you did not know on cameo proof lib nicks especially so the deep cameos

the obverse cameo/deep cameo is always stronger on the obverse than the reverse!!


hence the strong plus plus cameo of this coins obverse with a cameo on the reverse not strong but a no brainer cameo reverse none the less!


yes there are many nice 1910 lib nicks in proof


they are as strongly mirrored

with the technical aspect of this coin

and one of the first off the dies

nicely cameoed


and with this kind of color hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm





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oh and if you want to see some nice coinage toned rainbow or otherwise


go to www.pqcoins.com


then click on the eastern collection

and see the photos

if you want the photo to be bigger click on the photo and it gets bigger!

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oh and if you want to see some nice coinage toned rainbow or otherwise


go to www.pqcoins.com


then click on the eastern collection

and see the photos

if you want the photo to be bigger click on the photo and it gets bigger!

Now, if only there was a button I could click to get the coin instantly into my hands. That would be cool!
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