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Replace a Coin in an Existing Competitive Set

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Upon logging in you will be at your Control Panel where your existing sets are displayed in the bottom portion of the screen.


Step 1: Click the Edit symbol (small pencil and paper icon found on the left side of the screen) for the set you wish to edit.


add photos from within set.JPG



Step 2: Click 'Remove Coin' to remove the existing coin from the slot


comp set - replace coin.JPG



Step 3: Click on the circle to select either NGC or NCS for the grading company, and type in the certification number on the label of your coin. Also, you may use the empty text box to provide a coin description, if you wish. (Many participants use this field to describe the appearance of a coin and/or to tell the story of how the coin was acquired.)


comp set - replace coin 2.JPG



Step 4: Scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘Save’.


Step 5: You will see a confirmation screen that indicates that the coin was successfully added to your set.


You will also be prompted on this page to unregister the coin you replaced if you no longer own it. Until coins are unregistered, they may not be in another person’s NGC Registry. Upon choosing to unregister your coin, it will be marked with a status of Sold in your Collection Manager.


To unregister a coin, click the selection box that appears in front of the coin you wish to unregister then click ‘Save’.



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This topic is now closed to further replies.