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It sure is tough to find a nice 1953-S Franklin!

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One last Frankie post: I put this coin away quite a few years ago, destined for my blast-white set. You may recall that I've since sold that set, but the one coin I kept out of it was this one (I swapped in a slightly lower-grade coin), because I haven't since found a nicer on un-certified. Needless to say, this one isn't really even close to FBL, but it is not as scritch-scratchy on the cheek as nearly every other '53-S in existence. Many of you know what I'm talking about.


The San Francisco coins from 1951 through 1953 are simply notorious for weak strikes that allowed pre-existing planchet abrasions to remain on Franklin's cheek and behind his ear. The dies weren't close together enough to strike the detail at the highest points. This coin is a little above average, but does have thunderous luster, which is also not that easy to find on these coins.





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That's a good looking 53-S James


I have a raw MS-60 that looks like a AU-55, but if you study it under magnification, it is not wear, just a very weak strike.


I quit looking for anything higher about 7 years ago when the ceiling was raised way beyond my expectations of what condition you'd get for the price paid.


Hind sight is 20-20 vision...should have bought a better example before the bubble.

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nice looking coin, James, but I think it's easier to find a nice 1953-S than a 1948 toned like the one you just posted in the other post.

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