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NGC Incorrect VAM attributions?

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No question that is a VAM 2 and very odd they would make that error as the overdate is in different areas on the 7 and the 1 is plain as day. I am sure they will repair the label but you must suffer through the shipback time and expense.


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Hi Jim,

I am finally getting ready to send some coins in for grading. Can I just include this coin with them to get it reholderd with the correct VAM number and not have to pay extra for shipping?



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You may have to pay a little more if it increases the value of the package. Higher insurance etc. Just make sure you instruct them (in big bold letters) to send all the coins back together. If they send them separately then you would have to pay extra for the shipping.

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I did something like that last year. I submitted a Reverse Proof Silver Eagle for the black label and did not want to send in just the one coin. You can't put 2 different services on the same Submission form.


Say you are sending in 5 coins for the Economy Tier. You make out one submission form for the Economy Forms.You make out another form for the

correction of the Vam. I would assume that there would be no charge for the correction of the Vam.



You went then have to figure out the postage/shipping for the coins so you will combine the two and have shipping for 6 coins ( 5 for the economy tier and one for the Vam.)


So you would figure out postage/shipping for 6 coins and a combined insurance value for the six coins.


Just make sure that you write on the form to combine invoice #1 and invoice #2 and that the shipping is for the 6 coins. don't fill out separate shipping charges on the one Vam form.


Also be sure that the corrected VAM number is one that NGC recognizes as NGC only recognizes the HOT 50 and the Top 100 and they won't put it on the label if it is not one of those.




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