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NEWP 1813 Bustie-You Know the Drill -Big Pics again

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This one has lite gray and plumb toning and almost no hairlines. Actually, when rotated properly, the colors are rather pretty. This coin exemplifies why Busties are so much fun to collect. It has rim nicks from the edge lettering, and lots of luster, enough for a cartwheel. I think this one is really tough to grade because this particular die pairing has a weird strike.








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AU 50 to 53...O-106???? Again, my book is at home, but I think I recall that that was the marriage with the unlevel dies resulting in the weak strike on left.

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On this marriage, the breasts are usually pretty flat, and the stars on the left usually flat. Reverse is normally much better strike. As usual, the rim is very uneven on both sides of this coin.


You are correct in saying this one is hard to grade because of the strike characteristics of this marriage. Maybe NGC/ANACS would go XF 40, but I would guess they would say high end VF.


Interesting coin.


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This one is an O-106A. Searching around, I can hardly find any of these out there in auction archives or in censuses.


Now as far as the grade goes, it was in an ANACS XF-45 holder, although I believe that for any grade between XF 45 and AU-55 there can be a case made. This coin has most of its luster, and you can see some of it in the pics. There is obvious strike weakness and to me it is difficult to find much more than AU wear on this coin, when examining it in hand. I do suspect that strike does impact grade, because I had this same circumstance with an 1825 O-103 XF-45 that I crossed from ANACS to NGC and got the same grade, although I thought a higher one was warranted.

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