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Gold Future

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I'll bite... I've been doing a good bit of reading on the subject for the last couple of weeks.


The concensus seems to be this:


It is possible that it could peak somewhere around the May '06 levels -- but there are so many factors that could crush the upswing that I'd be reluctant to put much into the market, unless you have a pile of cash sitting around doing nothing.


If it gets to $700, you can expect a bunch of dumping, which could bring the price down fast, and once the momentum in that direction swings it compounds the effect, but if the upward trend stays strong through that number, despite the dumping... it could go anywhere.

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From what I have read, Gold should be around $950 an ounce just based on inflation since 1900. I believe the dollar is still overvalued and eventually gold will top $1000 in the next 5 years (and stay there), and there could be a 1981-like spike to $2000 in there somewhere.There just isn't enough of the yellow stuff out there to keep up with the world's population.


That said, there are no guarantees in life except death and taxes.

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