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World coin Varieties please add your finds/information hear

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Nice coins Rbrown4


well there is not may of us but what the hell lets give it a go.. one a day !!


I will start with what i know best the UK


1953 UK one penny Queen Elizabeth II (1952- )


there are 3 known types of coin from this date

Two are listed in Price guides


1953.......................... 1,308,400 minted

1953 proof................. 40,000 minted

1953 no border beads. Unknown (must be at lease one die)



Normal 1953 one penny




1953 proof (no picture)


Bead less 1953




Discovered by W.D. Elliot in the 60s/70s Border beads missing from the reverse only Obv just like normal


anyone got one because its worth a lot of $s



There is no such thing as a lucky person only a person who looks !


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I need one of the great photographers to volunteer for me to send them some deep scale and shallow scale, as well as some "V" scale and "square" scale, Japanese dragon coins to photograph and post (before returning them of course wink.gif ).


BTW what is the purpose of two separate threads?

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Hi there the other thread is now dead devil.gif


i was just seeing if anyone was intrested before i started up


all the best dooly hi.gif

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Will go with one a day and see how long it will last. Going to have to search high and low but I am game. Till tomorrow.



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Will be at the Baltimore Coin Show tomorrow so here is my World Variety for the day.


1872 Newfoundland One Cent. For all dates except the 1872 the dies are in the medal arrangement up and up obv. and rev., but on the 1872's they are coinage arrangement up and down obv. and rev. respectively. The H mint mark indicates the Heaton Mint which most likely did not receive specific instructions regarding which die arrangement to use. The error was corrected in 1876 with Heaton's next coined cent. This variety is identified as Zoell 403H, H under Ribbon, Carmichale 7 with the 2 wider and lower.





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Interesting observation, I really had not noticed that. I can not find any mention of that in the references I have, I will look further into it. Perhaps another little bit of oddity to add to this variety coin. Thank you.



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Hi all Hear it todays coin Widely know but have you got one !!



George V


1926 penny 4,498,519 minted

VF-£6 EF-£20 UNC-£80


1926 penny (Modifiied effigy) Included above mintage

VF-£30 EF-£400 UNC-£1500


Have you noticed the spacing between the dots in BRITT : OMN so you can identify the coin

if BM are worn off (Usualy)



dooly hi.gif


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Here is my variety. Not known at all, because I discovered it. It is a DDR on the 1986 French Statue of Liberty 100 francs silver Piedfort. The mintage was only 5000, so they are relatively uncommon, but because they are also unpopular they can be had for $15. I keep asking around, but I don't think anybody else has checked to see if they have it also.





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Here is a 1785 5 Kopecks I believe. Could someone confirm this for me? This was in a lot of miscellaneous world coins in our collection that I am going through. Is there something going on with the 5 in the date, there appears to be another figure underneath and to the right of the 5, a 6 perhaps or is it just a part of the border design.




Rey (rbrown4)





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Nice coin I have found no refference yet I will keep looking


Found a good one for tommorow in one of the old Mags Going European 893scratchchin-thumb.gif

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hi.gif hi all hear is today's one to look for....


its a 1964 Swedish 5 Ore 10,922,500 minted in 64 unknown how many have this error...





found in 1969 this coin was found to have the number 50 and a dot within the Crown...


in 1970 a detailed examination of a dozen specimens found that the position of the 50. in relation to the crown was microscopically identical in all cases.

The Conclusion was that the two imperssions had been made simultaneously bt the same tool, Whichmust therefore have carried both engravings.


The swedish mint first denounced it as a fake


but a letter was sent with a coin to the mint and they replyed


"A unknown quantity of Mis-strikes of thr 1964 5 Ore coin had been issued and the punches destroyed before the mistake was discovered.

Not counting occasional accidents, minor imperfections due to dammaged dies or faulty coin blanks,

This is the only case on record of an error made by the Swedish mint as of 1970,

which has managed to escape unnoticed at the time of issue"


The question of the inital cause of the mis-strike will probably remain a matter for conjecture.

A possable explanation may be found in the fact that the mint, struck a high nummber of medallions, which could explane the dot after the 50 as it is a scandinavian practice that the dot means th ie: 50th, so the die could have been made for a commerative,

but being found to be unsatisfactory, disgarded but somehow found its way back into a box of unused dies insted of the scrap bin. later when the master dies for the 1964 5 Ore pieces had been engraved and the time had come to impress the working dies,

the operator picked out a supposedly blank bar from the same box

What do you think could have happend ???? & have you got one





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Very interesting facts and history there Dooley. I am afraid that you have me really stumped on this one. Have never seen this coin before and would not even begin to be able to guess how it happened. Your possible scenario described above sounds reasonable enough to me.



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Just had to post this found it in my change today "Belter"

If i am the first to find this 893applaud-thumb.gif


I shall name it " The SPEARED LIZZY " acclaim.gifcloud9.gif






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Somthing sure got her in the neck...............


Couldn't find a European one for today but since the US is part of the World here are two 1926 D Buffalo Nickels. This post also involves the "neck" in a way.


The first coin is normal on the obverse, the second one is what they call 'two feathers" it is missing the very small triangular shaped part of a feather that is normally between the long feather closest to the neck and the back of the neck..









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They are actually called "two feathers" as opposed to no feather - I corrected the original post. I am not sure with the 1926 coin, with the 1913,1920, 21, 25 and 30 they are listed in CP Guide as having a URS of 6 which supposedly means between 17 and 32 are known. The 1918 is URS 8 which means between 65 to 125.



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We seem to have become complacent on the world varieties. Going through Canadian Five Cent Pieces today and found these. 1926 Nickels, there were two varieties, one called Near Six (1st Image) and one called Far Six (2nd Image), depending on the position of the 6 in the date in relation to the adjacent Maple Leaf.











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