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Collector's Society Community Coin Album

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Just a thought to throw out there. Maybe a good idea or maybe not.


I’m sure by now most have seen the new Journals Pages. I’m also aware that some are not too fond of the Journal concept, however if it were to have an album of coinage to be proud of. eh confused-smiley-013.gif

I think the color scheme is perfect for displaying coins. What would be the chances of the community building a photo album to be real proud of? I’m talking about an album with nice images and wonderful, as close to original as possible coinage.


Inclusion into the set would go through a panel of members before entry. Hopefully I may have something to contribute.


In addition I hope no one thinks I’m on some kind of Journal Kick Rant. Just an idea.


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I don't like the implementation of the Journal system. It has long bothered me that I cannot block out the journal titles of other members when I look at my set listings on my own homepage. There is also a prominent area in the new version of the registry that is dedicated to journal titles. In my opinion, the non-flexible nature of avoiding journal titles is a way for NGC to ram the idea of journals down participants' throats. I do not care for that and it has tempered my enthusiasm of the entire NGC registry.

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  • Administrator

Copied from a post elsewhere:


Here are some interesting facts about the new journal and friend system:


1. On your publicly viewable user page, other people's journals no longer appear.


2. If you set a user on ignore, you won't see their journals anymore. They also cannot contact you with the contact member function.


3. If you friend a person, you will see their journals on the "friends" tab. That is the tab that displays by default on your control panel. Thus you can make a list of friends of people whose journal entries you like, and just read those.


Or add no one to that list, and you will just see a blank tab.

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Well better to try and fail than never had tried at all.


Thanks for the replies and maybe Arch will give me a trophy for the shortest thread and goofiest idea.



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Architecht... thank you, that was a big help . To me anyhow. CC


I'm glad somebody got something good out of it. 27_laughing.gif

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