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Can anybody identify this coin?

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Hi there the only bit of the legend i can get is Dei Gratia Rex Boemie ( By the Grace of God King Boemie. the rest i cannot find


If you look at the rev there is a Moden letter E (ERAGENSES) not a lombardic type as there is for the rest of the letter E's on the coin so i would suspect that it is not a real coin flowerred.gif..Sorry.. flowerred.gif


I hope someone proves me wrong

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Looking it over again that first letter is not an E, it's a P pragenses. I used the microscope on it and it is definitely a P. Does that change anything????? Its still a token or a repro right?

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Check Prague, Czechoslovakia and/or the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia.


That is a Czech lion.


It might be a coin of the time of Charles IV (KAROLUS PRIMUS)....and then again it might not.


Any idea of the metal?


Poorly translated from a French numis site: ENLARGED PRAGENSES on Gogole and your medal take again a true currency:

Large of Prague de Charles 1st of Bohemian (1346 - 1378)

Avers: ENLARGED PRAGENSES - Lion upright

Reverse: interior KAROLUS PRIMUS - Outside: DEI GRATIA REX BOEMIE - Crown

Charles 1st is Charles IV of Luxembourg which became king de Bohème in 1346 -


Prague Groschen


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It's an inch and a quarter in diameter, one eighth thick, and weighs 36.3 grams.

It doesn't appear to be gold, looks like brass, but may be some combination that has the brassy look? I found some other references that showed the same coin but with a name other than KAROLUS PRIMAS in the center, other than the name everything else was identical, but it was just pictures so I don't know if it is real or not.

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