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Flipover double strike pres dollar on e bay

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Definitely a squeeze job. Notice Liberty is facing the wrong way on Washington. On a true flip over double strike she would be facing the correct way. And it is up to $1,000 already. And from looking over the bid history, I'm worried that most if not all of those bidders are serious and not just bidding to protect others. Someone is going to get took.

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Hey, LostDutchman, your mom called and said they found your mine. grin.gif


I have two 2002 silver proof sets with both dimes having an identical strike through error. It is a perfect reverse fish hook about 3mm long below liberty on the obverse.


Do you think these would stir much interest?

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Someone is yelling "Hotdog" and it's not going to be the buyer once they figure this out, or get it told to them by someone who can readily explain how this coin was made outside of the Mint Facilities.


One big clue was the light reflection on the obverse. Had this be an actual reverse strike onto the already struck obverse, Ms. Liberty would be struck as a raised device and the reflection would have appeared off the leading edges, just like on

George's raised device. Instead, the light is refelcting off the backside of the incused pressed in Ms. Liberty.


The other clue was what TomB refered to on the reverse with a negative appearing Ms. Liberty.


Dang...this took all of 5 mintues to create, maybe with a three dollar sandwhich.


Worthy of a TTT


Thanks for posting LostDutchman...btw, I have this map that was found in my Great Grandfathers cigar box....

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$1600, holy hammers, BATMAN!!!


What's ebay's policy on this, does the buyer have any recourse? Heck, I'm sitting here with a file and a bunsen burner looking at the prices on ebay for dollars without edges. If I knew I could get away with a 3lb hammer...


just kidding...

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