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Where are the "with Varities" sets ?

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Can anyone share their info about getting these sets listed on the registry ?

I do not see any now, but I thought they were here before.

Am I mistaken ?


I would like to register like '34-'58 Lincoln Cents with Varieties.

Jeffs with Var's

Washington with Var's



Anybody know ?

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What, nobody cares ?

Or perhaps I posted this in the wrong spot ?

Ist it something I said ?

Didn't say?

C'mon, I know you got varities stashed away somewhere.

Whare did you hide them ?

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You can create your own variety sets in the signature set area:


Hi, and thank you so much for this reply.


What I am looking for however is a set that would count in the registry, because, you see I like to only register my coins, each, for only one set. I just dont feel right if the coin is registered in more than one set. And plus to it I want the coins to count in registry points.


The Sig sets are non-competitive also. How would you know who has the best variety set in the land ?


My solution # 1 is to have sets with var's ( not my favorite )


My solution # 2 is to have Var's only sets. That is slots only for known var's.

There wold not be a slot for any dates which did not have a popular var. known.

( my favorite option )


Furthermore, I realize the reluctance to take on new projects so I have a solution here too.

My solution # 3 - Just start new polls as follows;


3A- Do Registry users wish to have competitive varieties sets.


3B- Do any users object to adding them


3C- (if approved) What set shall we do first ( will only be added one at a time)


3D- ( heres our first set ) What vars do you want to include in this set


As for the sets themselves we can leave them open-ended for slots to be added.


Variety collecting is so obviously a very high factor driving the hobby so it only seems appropriate to give it a place in the Collector's Society Registry.


Thank you for your time, and the place to post my ramblins,


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