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I can kick myself for having sold my CC Gold

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That was several years ago. Yes, I needed the money so they served me well, but hell, I wish I had held onto them. I forget what they brought me, but I just mosied on to Doug Winter's site and he has an article on the prices CC Gold is bringing. Honestly, I got too anxed to finish reading it.


Yeah...I know...no need to cry over spilt milk...


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Mike King and Victor------I owned my CC20's before there was EVER a book on them---before Doug Winter. But, alas, it is true Mike. You do wish that you had known what the future was going to bring. If I had known, I surely would have tried to borrow more bank money and held onto them. In my case, I really never knew just how "RARE" my set really was at that time [throughout the late 1960's and 1970's].


In my case, I sold for the best of reasons. A love of a dad----a father who had trusted me----and I, in turn, was doing the RIGHT thing for him in return. And, in that regard, I will NEVER regret selling the coins.


But, I had 'another' consequence that arose because of me selling those CC's. It taught me that, indeed they were just coins----material things. Over the years those CC's had sort of possessed me. One never really understands just how bad acquiring them can occupy your mind. Being a dentist and loving 'gold teeth' didn't help one bit.


When I returned to the "GIANT GAME" along about the late 1990's, there was no way that I wanted to spend the money on reacquiring the CC's. So, I picked my love of my childhood----Walkers. It allowed me to start out slow---to spend in 'small' amounts----to constantly educate myself so as not to make myself a "FOOL" in today's coin business. But, I had a NEW feeling towards the coins. They were just coins to me now. Something different than in my earlier years.


Shortly, NGC will be sending my latest Walker submissions back to me----57 coins. It should happen any day now. If I am lucky, my Walker Registry Set will be about done. I will let all of you know how it turns out. Then, with my wife's NEW digital camera, I hope to do a grading summary on the WYNTK threads. Want to try and help anyone who might need a little boost in grading Walkers. Naturally, it will be just my opinion. But, it should give everyone an idea---a basis---to work from. My goal is to show 'original skinned and patina' coins----and to grade them by my standards.


One final thought here today. A dealer from Carolina once told me about his regrets about selling a collection that he owned. His comments were to NEVER look back----to always take your profit and then move onward. Sort of like what Tom B just said in this post. I agree with this thinking----except to say that you will always have a memory. I try to make my memories as pleasant as possible. Wish all of you the very best in collecting. Bob [supertooth]

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no one ever lost money taking a profit.........


onto a new avenue mike thumbsup2.gif and collect something even more exciting 893applaud-thumb.gif


and i have no doubt, mike as an advanced collector


you will do extremely well

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