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Russian Coin Assistance Please

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I have several Russian Coins some of which I am having a very difficult time identifying them by their correct and accurate name, Nicholas, Alexander, etc. I am also having difficulty finding the same coins at auction sites, etc. so that I can get a feel of approximate value. I am posting an 1878 5 Kopecks, 1903 3 Kopecks, and 1890 2 Kopecks.


Any thoughts, opinions, information would be truly appreciated.













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You can tell the monarch by the dates. For example, your 1903 is a Nicholas II. The Krause manual lists the monarch reigns for each one.


I cannot tell your grades from the images and I do not collect them anyway, but if you want auction results, go to the Heritage.com auction archives. You can also check out Goldberg. These are mainly for high grade issue sthough. If you want pricing for average circulated grades, you can check out the website for dealer Alexander Basok. I believe it is RustyPenny.com.


I do not collect this series but I particularly like the Russian proofs for the 5 to 25 kopek. The Russian coat of arms is particularly nice.

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Thank you very much. I have looked extensively through Heritage and have used it to identify some I have. I will look at the other sites you mention. I did have a 1915 10 Kopecks and 1916 20 Kopecks graded by NGC recently and they came back MS-65 and MS-64 repsectively. I will see if I can find some pics.


Thanks again.

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hi.gifHi there (hear is my gess on your coins) Krause 4th edition


Your first coin ls Alexander II 1855-1881

Y# 12.2, 5 Kopeks St Petersburg mint 12,542,000 minted which looks as if it has been cleaned

and ranges from F-VF if not cleaned and is Valued at $ F 1.00, VF 3.00


2nd is Nicholas II 1894-1917

Y# 11.2, 3 Kopeks St Petersburg mint 11,400,00 minted and is about XF

Valued at $ VF 2.00 XF 5.00


3rd is Alexander III 1881-1894

Y# 10.2, 2 kopeks St Petersburgh mint 2,538,000 minted which lookes like VF-XF

Valued at $ VF 1.00, XF 2.50


I hope this awnsers you questions if you have any more problem coins please list them and i will be glad to give them a go !!



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Fantastic, thank you so much for the details and information, it is much appreciated. I may get back with you on a couple of more once I get some pics.





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