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Picture software

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Hello everone,

Could someone tell me the easy and best picture software I need? Or is it just me.

When I put a slabed silver eagle on my (LEXMARK 4300) flat top scanner I get a bad glare off the coin or the slab, it makes the picture so bright I cant get the coin so it can be seen. I'm trying to list them. I have even taken a pic and still can't get a good looking picture.

Can anyone please help me out on this one?

Thanks< KG frustrated.gif

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Personally, I don't like the results that I see from a scanner. I use my Canon Powershot Pro1 and I have ACDSee 6.0 installed on my computer to process the photos. It's a very easy program to use, and I don't need a third-party service like Photobucket to post my pictures here.



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KG, hate to tell you, but all the software in the world won't help a poorly captured image, be it a scan or (better) a photograph. Coins are tricky to photograph, even for people who have been doing it for a fair bit of time. If you put time into learning how to do it, you can get good at it, but you have to put in the practice time.


I've written several 'What You Need to Know' articles you might find useful. They're archived in the WYNTK archive on the board, but the links are also included below:


Begin with this one:

What You Need to Know: Online Resource Review: Coin Photography Technique


If you get to the point where you're taking decent photos, my preference for software is some form of Adobe Photoshop:

What You Need to Know: Digitally Matting Coins for Display Online Using Adobe Photoshop


Good luck!

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Try propping up the top edge of the coins holder by placing it on three quarters that have been stacked on the scanner bed. Leave the scanner top open. This should get rid of the glare. wink.gif



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