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Canada $5 1912 Gold coin News

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Hi all i know this is a Canada coin but the Royal mint is now selling them and i thought you would like to Know about it



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Friday, March 09, 2007


295.00 Euro(s) = 386.682 US Dollar(s)

1 USD = 0.7629 EUR

1 EUR = 1.31079 USD


The price was in Pounds.


295 pounds = US$649.00


This site, however seems equivalent to our "Franklin Mint" that sells all the limited edition chess sets, etc...

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This interests me.


The book Striking Impressions (a history of the Royal Canadian Mint) claims there were many unissued $5 and $10 gold coins held at the Bank of Canada after they were discontinued in 1914. I speculate that they were melted and that the records of the melting were lost. Others think they may still be in storage waiting to be found (like all the banknotes they found within the last 10 years).


If the Royal Mint or Royal Canadian Mint were selling off a hoard of unissued coins (like the Japanese government selling off all those gold 10 yen coins), I would find this truly noteworthy. However, since it appears the Royal Mint is selling coins they bought off the secondary market, you're only paying a premium for the red case. That only ellicits a yawn from me.

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