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Baltimore Day 6 (Final): Final Deals, Large Bills, a few pics and saying Goodbye

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Early start on the day for our final day in Baltimore and at the ANA Convention and time to whittle down decisions to what I was going to bring home with me.


If the rest of the week was busy, then Saturday was SLAMMED. As we entered the Convention Center just after the bourse had opened, the registration line was completely overrunning the velvet ropes marking the line.


We made our way inside and the hunt was on. I had already had my eye on several things, so we made our way deep into the bourse to seek them out. My first stop was at Coins of Merritt where I picked up 3 gorgeous Mint State Indian Head Cents (1901, 1902, and a Full Red 1903). I chatted with the dealer there about the earlier ordeal and he was more than cooperative on the notion of having a customer get a second opinion. We made the deal and I was off again on a whirlwind of purchasing (as we had a LONG drive ahead of us).


Second stop was nearby at Rare Coins of New Jersey where my intrepid fiance had her eyes set on a sweet 1942D Merc in PCGS MS-66 FB. We snagged it (after having looked at it the day before) and headed to our third stop. Our third stop for the day was Glen W Woods, a dealer in Ancient coinage. As we waited on the unveiling of the Lord of the Rings coins nearby the first day at the show, I had stopped by his table and was checking out an interesting Carthage gold Solidus. The interesting thing about it (other than the fact it was affordable) was that it was smaller, yet much thicker than the others he had. Well luckily for me it was still there, so I purchased the piece. Even though I had wandered by his table several times (so much he now knew me by sight and name), he enjoyed the visits. At a much earlier show I had gone to, I had also delayed my purchases till the final day and a dealer there made the comment that at that time I did a lot of looking but little buying. I had done the same (for the most part) this time as well and was recieved quite warmly by those I had revisited.


It was around then I remembered I needed to take a few more pictures, so we stopped by the British Mint table to get a good shot of the up coming Silver/Gold trimmed LotR commem (pic to be posted soon) and over to the BEP display for a pic or two of the "ultra" bills ($100,000 and $10,000 in sheets). On the way, I still had a little more money to "burn" so (and unfortunately since I did not get a recipt at this place do not remember the table, but this time am MUCH happier with the purchase), I found a nice $5 Indian gold (1913 for the date) at a decent price, so added it to my holdings.


At this point I was done (at least for the convention), so we made our way back out of the bourse and stopped by the NGC table... which was STILL covered in people and had been the entire show. I said my goodbyes to Brian Silliman and we quickly discussed upcoming plans. On our way out we (of course) passed by the 1913 V Nickels diplay, but at this time there was a LINE of people trying to get to them whereas the rest of the week it was crowded with people, but not so many you couldn't ease your way in for a good look and a few pics.


Afterwards, we made our way the long trek (700+ miles) down to DC, through Virginia and back home.


I must say that my first big ANA convention was a good one, a historic one, and a learning experience. I was able to see MANY coins I wouldn't see otherwise (two Ultra High Relief Saints, at least two $4 Flowing Hair Stellas, Several Pan Pac $50s (including one table with the original holder for the set) and MUCH MORE) and experience a week of Numismatic mania.


If I had two things to follow up "If only I had more..." they would be "time" and "money"... but then... I wonder who at the convention WOULDN'T say that though.


Pics to come soon!

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Great reports all week, Matt - thank you. Am certainly looking forward to the photos. Did you manage to get any of the Pan Pacs and original case? That would be cool to see. Also, I visited the British Royal Mint site and didn't find any info on those LoTR coins. Can you share what you know about them in terms of configurations, prices, and release dates? They look pretty fun.




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Thanks smile.gif


Unfortunately I didn't get a pic of the Pan Pac case as I didn't have my camera with me the day I saw it and didn't think about it afterwards. The only online info on the LotR set is an "interest" list you can digitally sign here.


If I remember correctly (they didn't give us a price sheet), the one I pictured will be about $35

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