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I bought this 1800 Draped Bust half-dime, and the danged thing has scratches!

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Considering the age and condition of the coin, the scratches are indeed disappointing but they are part of the character of circulated 207 year old coin. The scratches have some age to them since they have acquired toning after this specimen was taken out of circulation and stored in an album. This is not a series I have much experience grading but I think it would still net VF20.


Did you purchase sight unseen?

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Along with Thomas Jefferson, Arron Burr Jr. was placed on the Democratic-Rep presidential ticket in the 1800 election. At the time, state legislatures chose the members of the U.S. Electoral College, and New York was crucial to Jefferson. Though Jefferson did win New York, he and Burr tied for the presidency with 73 electoral votes each.


It was well understood that the party intended that Jefferson should be President and Burr Vice President but the responsibility for the final choice was that of the House of Representatives. In a special session, they flipped this very coin and as Jefferson called heads, the coin hit the floor. James A. Bayard, a Delaware Federalist, quickly stepped on the coin in protest.


Upon confirmation it indeed was "heads", Jefferson became President of the United States and Jr.Burr became Vice President. Part of this story is true, the other part accounts for the scratches on the dime, but it does show what went on a very long time ago in history. Now, if you believe this, I also have some seafront property in Arizona I'd like to sell you.

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