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When was the first cameo designation?

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I have some proof Ikes here that have excellent frost and very good mirror like fields. They are in older green label PCGS holders. They are all hazed up. I am guessing they were slabbed before PCGS started giving out the Cameo designation. Does anybody know for sure?


Here is one that I think should be DCAM. The reverse is just like the obverse.



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Yes, that insert appears to be of a style/color before PCGS designated CAMEOS.


"When was the first cameo designation?"


I believe, the story goes, when Adrian Crane was just a young lad he was looking at a bright PROOF Morgan dollar in a local Texas Coin Shop's glass display case and proclaimed, "That's pretty! Damn!!". The Dealer thought Adrian had said, "That's pretty CAM!!" and a new Numismatic term was invented.


Of course, word got back to Adrian's mother who promptly washed his mouth out with soap for being vulgar.

Adrian hasn't been able to look at another bright white Morgan since and now only collects the colorful ones. cloud9.gif

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at least from the ngc question archives, I found this from a march 2003 post:


The CAMEO designation was applied only to gold proofs and modern proofs until about five years ago, when it was extended to all proof coins of the brilliant style finish.


my guess is that pcgs did similarly

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