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Baltimore Days 2 and 3: Washington DC and the first day in the Convention

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(Sorry for the delay in the daily report, either the net connection or the laptop is having connection difficulties at times... also pictures will be posted after we return home and are on a more stable (and faster) connection)


Day 2 (Tuesday): Washington DC and a trip to the Smithsonian


We left out of our hotel and made it into DC around 11:30 or so local time... however we weren't parked until around noon or so (as DC parking for the average person is harder to find than an S VDB in a bag of wheats)... but wer finally got parked in a garage right on the edge of the DC Mall and made our way to the Museum of American History and the National Numismatic Collection. As we entered from the mall, the original Star Spangled Banner had been moved and in its place is the giant flag that draped over the Pentagon after the 9/11 attacks. We made our way into the Numismatic exhibit and I was able to get some good shots of the 1933 $20s as well as the 07 Ultra High Relief (which I must add if there is a pre-modern coin that deserves a 70 grade, the UHR Saint in the Smithsonian is it... FLAWLESS). I also saw the 1804 dollars, but due to how they are exhibited could not get a good shot of any of them. We meandered through the rest of the collection (including the giant gold coin collection which houses some STUNNING cameo and deep cam proof half eagles and eagles) and onwards to other exhibits. Our second building of the Smithsonian was the Natural History building and the diamond exhibit they have at the current time. Even if you're more into coins than gems, these are a sight to behold. The De Beers Millenium Star is AMAZING... an item that took over 3 YEARS to cut. We had an overpriced, but good lunch in the museum and spent a bit in the gift shops (had I not been worried about the convention, I would have spent a LOT more). Our final building was the Museum of fine arts wherein currently resides the gigantic Augustus St Gaudens memorial to the Massachusetts regiment. The detail involved in the sculpture is simply amazing.


Afterwards, we made our way back into Baltimore to plan for days ahead.


Day 3 (Wednesday): The Convention Itself


Finally! We went to go see what we came to see. The 1913s! (Note: I'll have to do some asking around on #5 and see if it's the real one that was added to the case... it's in a large Capitol Plastic-like holder below the line of the other 4 right in the center currently... until I saw the post a few minutes before starting this one, I did not know the 5th had been (apparently) found) The crowd around them was quite large, but well worth the inching in bit by bit till I could get a few shots of each one and the original case as well. I hope to return over the next few days and get a few more good pics of them (If I can't own them, at least I can own images of them). Fortunately, I've yet to run into anyone who I would consider in the least bit rude and as crowded as the floor is, it's easy to move from place to place.


After seeing the Nickels, we made our way to the British Royal Mint table around noon as they unveiled their upcoming commemorative coins for The Lord of the Rings. In a word... STUNNING. They have a silver piece that has the One Ring at an angle to the viewer with the inscription on the ring as well and circling the coin in the Legend position. The denomination is in the center of the ring. The Ring and other raised devices are them plated in gold for a two-tone effect. Afterwards, my companions for the journey, not being as much into the hobby as I left me to my wanderings inside the bourse.


I made my way back towards the front of the bourse area to the NGC table where I met Mr SIlliman whom I have been talking to in email and on the phone concerning upcoming events as well as a few other NGC attendees much to my delight. Currently the plan is to find some time the next couple days to be at the table during a downturn in business for further discussions.


I then swung around to the clubs tables and made my way to the CONECA table. I have brought with me the 1911D $20 St Gaudens that I've posted previously to check on the mintmark. Well, things are looking interesting on my end... when I handed Mr Funaiole for CONECA the coin, as soon as he put a loupe to it, his first words out of his mouth were "How much do you want for it?"... I need to get back to the table because it looks like I have cherrypicked and held for a couple years now a nice D/D RPM Saint. The rest of the afternoon on the bourse was filled with looking around and attempting to find anyone who may know the value of the 1911 D/D $20 Saint. I'm not certain if I will sell the coin and I want a price range first so I don't undersell myself should I decide to do so. Unfortunately, the dealers I talked to had no idea on the value of the piece. Luckily on my end, I bought the piece raw as a normal 11D and payed under $500 for it. Any info from this board over the next couple days would be appreciated!


Later that afternoon, my party returned to pick me up and I introduced them to Brian Silliman and we headed out for lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe nearby. Afterwards was a quick trip on the Water Taxi and upon our return an impromtu concert by a small steel drum band.


Tomorrow... more bourse wanderings and info checking, possibly some purchases and sales, and two presentations to attend.


(Edit: Only after logging off for the evening did I realize I had 2 "Day 1s" in my reports... so I'm changing this post to days 2 and 3)

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wow a fantastic report and i really got hot with the repunched d mintmark twenty dollar gold!


these conventions are the place to bring those coins you need answers on!


great post keep them coming!!

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