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THEY are in a tailspin and may not survive.

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This year I have submitted my Lincoln Cents to PCGS and all though the spring until the Long Beach show I have had great results. Nothing was graded lower then MS66 with quite a few MS67. grin.gif


I submitted my last order the 18th of last month, ten of the best Lincolns I have had this year.

Well, 35 days later (for a 15 day) order, I get the results, out of the ten, 7 made MS66 and 3 MS65. mad.gif


Not only are they late, but they graded them like excrement,

They are worming out of their 15 day guaranty for pre- 1964 coins also.

Customer service non-existent.


You no they can’t stay on top like that. It wont be long before others will get tried of their [!@#%^&^] too.


I have 20 coins ready to go to them, but I will be addressing the package to NGC instead.

So long excrement heads. You don’t need me and I don’t need you.




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What you are witnessing here is a serious business management problem. They are not meeting their service promises. If I were a CU stockholder (I'm not) I would want to know why this problem exists and what measures management are taking to rectify the situation. Bad customer service is a bad omen for any business!


So far as your being disappointed with the grades you received...welcome to the club.

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Apparently this is not a new problem. People have been complaining about submission times to PCGS for several months. Surely, they must have some response planned for implementation? If they don't, they do not understand the basics of customer service.


I have not had good luck with their Customer Service. The couple times that I tried to resolve something, they either ignored me or were really slow to respond, treating me like I was stupid.

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I rememeber having a conversation over the phone with some guy at PCG$ and I can't remember his name but he was sarcastically running off the mouth with several questions and when I finally got a chance to say something and it was to the effect, "if you would pause between your questions and give me a chance to talk" and he said OK, go ahead and I replied, "is there someone else there I could talk to?" And then He apologized and said it was close to lunch time and I said, Hey, go to lunch! Don't let me stop you, I know how it is when it's lunchtime." Charlie! I think was his name. What a waste of time.



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Bad customer service is a bad omen for any business!


I couldn't agree with you more...a necessary ingredient for long-term financial success. According to Kaplan & Norton, who theorized "The Balanced Scorecard" (cutting edge strategic management system) customer satisfaction is the leading driver of cust. acquisition, retention, market share, and ROI (sounds reasonable).


PCGS should implement cust. satisfaction measurement in order to identify these problems and implement solutions. Aligning the incentives of each employee towards achieving a customer satifaction goal may be a step in the right direction.

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