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Nashua N.H. coin show today

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Hooked up with Toneddollars and Greattoning (seller from Ebay). Had a nice little chat. The place was a hoppin!! Very busy. I couldn't stay long, and did what I had to do, and was out of there. Quite a few dealers were looking to drop inventory before Baltimore, so they would have some extra cash.

Best coin I saw at the show was a wonderful rainbow toned 13-s NGC ms/67 Ti Buffalo nickel. A stunning coin. If I was heading to Baltimore, I would have grabbed that coin. If anyone is interested, PM me. I'll either get you in touch with the dealer that has the coin, or I'll get in touch with him for you. Just bad timing for me on the piece.

I saw an interesting bullseye toned Columbian (1892) in a pcgs ms/65 holder that was quite beautiful. Vibrant color, not the typical greyed out color found on these. Only problem was the huge GASH on the reverse that went through the two globes. The assigned grade was a JOKE. Market grading aside, as this was a very pretty coin, a GASH like this coin had should have brought on a bodybag, regardless of the eye appeal, or at least acknowledge the GASH, and grade the coin ms/61. This is when I'll stick to my belief that one grader looked at this coin, missed the GASH, and put a grade on the coin. There is NO WAY three competant graders and a finalizer saw this coin, and came up with a consensus grade of ms/65 for this particular coin. JUST NO WAY. An obviously damaged coin in an ms/65 pcgs holder. Pretty coin though, regardless. Oh yeah, you would figure an attractive coin like this in a pcgs holder would sell for double bid, or in that ballpark.........I could have had it for $100 under bid, and passed. The dealer's dieing with the coin, because of the assigned grade.

I sold a few coins, didn't buy anything. A few dealers had some increased inventory from the Chicago show last month. They said that show was so-so, better than Agentjim's assessment, but not much better. I saw quite a few $20 Libs floating around. Just seemed a little different than usual.

Also saw a real nice 1869/69 IHC in an ngc ms/64 rb holder that was a pretty golden red in color. Best example of that variety I've ever seen.

Talked with another dealer who went to Heritage last month for the Mail bid sale they held. He placed $100k in bids, and won $2k total. He said he's still scratching his head as to whether he was being too cheap, or he was just blown out of the water. He's waiting for the prices realized list.

That's it. If I think of anything else I'll add it in.


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I may have asked you before when you reported previous show, but how was seated coins in MS62-63? Were there neat stuff? There are lots of coins offered by Heritage, Superior, B&M auction this month and yet, I can't find much in my affordable grade 893frustrated.gif

By the way, next time you go to a show, can you take pictures of the show? I would like to see your local show ....and your face, too wink.gif

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