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1875-S 20c BMP (or, CDN pricing)

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In the latest Quarterly, I noticed that the 1875-S 20c BMP is listed at a mere $14K in PF63.


Does that seem right to anyone? What did the Benson specimen go for? Wasn't there another one recently? How much did that go for, and what was its grade?


By comparison, the 1876-CC 20c is $65K in MS63.


What's the rarity comparison between the two coins? I think there's about 2 dozen 76CC specimens...




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The 1875-S BMP is much less famous than the 76-CC, hence the price. I think there are about 15 of them. The 75-S BMP has been known only for about 20 years, so much less notoriety. Recent sales:



Stack's May-98 $7700 PR60. color plate. Ex ANA 86:4362

Superior May-99 $7130 PR62

Superior Oct-00 $4025

Heritage Nov-00 $4000 PCI PR63


Of all the so called branch mint "proofs", the 75-S has the best case - it has specific die markers and all the known examples show obvious evidence of special die preparation. Furthermore, the SF mint had a history of coining BMPs for first years of series - BMPs exist for the 1855 quarter, half, and $3.


However, I have not heard any evidence of a 59-S $1 BMP frown.gif



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The 1859-S silver dollar was struck as a bullion piece for trade in China, so it doesn't surprise me that proofs weren't struck.


I recently read that there are 18 or so 1876-CC's in existence, but I can't verify that claim.

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