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Bowing to the dark arts; I want to collect counterfeits, hmmmm

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OK, Here's the deal. I've been studying the ANA course on Altered and Countereit coins and have become facinated with all the different ways people come up with to deceive and defraud.


If you think about it, counterfeiting is only about 36 hours short of being as old as coinage itself. Imagine, the efforts required, from the earliest base metal castings and plating, to today's lazared proof gold and CNC micro machineing (?). What a Rogues Gallery addition this could make to "the real stuff" collection.


Unfortunately, the pockets are no where deep enough to be able to always have a counterfeit or altered date coin beside a genuine speciman. I probably wouldn't be able to afford some of the better or scarcer specimens, either. Nothing new there. However, I do think I can do better than just a fake 50d Jeff.


I'm thinking that a "type" collection of some of the best examples of the dark arts would be a blast to put together. Who's willing to guess what tomorrows attempts will be?


I'm not really interested in the recent "COPY" coins, nor the current fantasy coin rip-offs.( You can take that as far, as you wish). I'll leave the AT toneing epidemic issues to others, unless AT was used to hide other deceptions. (another thread?).


Maybe, since I've always made my living with my hands, I have a deep appreciation for the fine artistry and craftsmanship of others and have been amazed at the skills required to be "good" at you job.. wink.gif


Some of the best artists and designers of the day created the very coins we appreciate. Some of the attempts to Alter and Counterfeit have been amazing in quality (and many are just so ridiculous); what a backhanded compliment to our coinage heritage.


I see a "dark and nefarious " winding road here... it's not like I'm going to find a sheet price on an AU added "D" 1916 Winged LIberty or a 1913 ty 1 Buff with an embossed "S" (but an AU is going to cost ya double the price of a XF, yikes).


How do you know if you are buying a counterfeit.. counterfeit?? Bad joke, but, I couldn't resist...but, I guess that's why I'm taking the course. ( One person told me, "All ya have to do is buy on eBay.") blush.gif Now That's funny...


As humorous as I may make this sound, make no mistake, many people have been royally "nailed" through the years and continue "getting it" to this day through alterations and counterfeiting. There is a lot of pain and misery that goes with getting burned by fraud and deception with altered and counterfeited coins and currency are high on the list of Bad, Bad things to do..


"'Tis Death to Counterfeit" Thanx Bill




"Through knowledge and desimination we learn; and then we teach." I'm just a student....


I know that there are several members here who are quite knowledgable in this area of numismatics and any links, sources, and leads to further study will be most graciously appreciated. I'll answer PM's and questions tomorrow... just another cheap way to bump a thread


thanx, dave




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