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United State Coins (trivia question)

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OK, for someone who is research minded laugh.gif


For US Coins, 1793-present, list all circulating designs in order of size, smallest to largest. Remember that for some denominations, the sizes may have changed over the years.


I have a 1976 Mint Set that I'll send to the first person to answer correctly.

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liberty head gold $1 12.7mm

Indian princess gold $1 14.3mm

3 cent silver 14.3mm

capped bust half dime 15.5mm

seated half dime 15.9mm

flowing hair half dime 16.5mm

draped bust half dime 16.5mm

classic head quarter eagle 17.5mm

3 cent nickel 17.9mm

seated liberty dime 17.9mm

barber dime 17.9mm

mercury dime 17.9mm

roosevelt dime 17.9mm

liberty head quarter eagle 18mm

Indian head quarter eagle 18mm

1829-1834 capped bust quarter eagle 18.2mm

1821-1827 capped bust quarter eagle 18.5mm

1828-1837 capped bust dime 18.5mm

1809-1827 capped bust dime 18.9mm

flying eagle cent 19mm

indian head cent 19mm

lincoln cent 19mm

draped bust dime 19.8mm

turban head quarter eagle 20mm

1808 capped bust quarter eagle 20mm

shield nickel 20.5mm

$3 gold 20.5mm

V-nickel 21.2mm

buffalo nickel 21.2mm

jefferson nickel 21.2mm

indian head quarter eagle 21.6mm

1840-1866 liberty head (no motto reverse) quarter eagle 21.65mm

liberty head (motto reverse) quarter eagle 21.65mm

20 cent piece 22mm

liberty cap-head left half cent 22mm

1839-1840 liberty head (no motto reverse) quarter eagle 22.5mm

2 cent piece 23mm

braided hair half cent 23mm

liberty cap-head right half cent 23.5mm

classic head half cent 23.5mm

1829-1834 draped bust half eagle 23.8mm

classic head half eagle 23.8mm

1837-1838 capped bust quarter 24.3mm

seated liberty quarter 24.3mm

barber quarter 24.3mm

standing liberty quarter 24.3mm

washington quarter 24.3mm

50 state quarters 24.3mm

turban head half eagle 25mm

1802-1829 draped bust half eagle 25mm

S.B.A. dollar 26.5mm

sacagawea dollar 26.5mm

liberty head eagle 26.8mm

indian head eagle 26.8mm

flowing hair chain reverse large cent 27mm

flowing hair wreath reverse large cent 27mm

1840-1857 braided hair large cent 27mm

1831-1836 capped bust quarter 27mm

draped bust quarter 27.5mm

1794-1796 liberty cap large cent 28mm

draped bust large cent 28mm

1793 liberty cap large cent 28.5mm

classic head large cent 28-29mm

matron head large cent 28-29mm

1839 braided hair 28-29mm

walking liberty half 30mm

1836-1839 capped bust reeded edge 30mm

seated liberty half 30mm

franklin half 30mm

barber half 30.6mm

kennedy half 31mm

flowing hair half 32.5mm

1796-1806 drapped bust half 32.5mm

1807 draped bust 32-33mm

turban head eagle 33mm

liberty head (no motto reverse) double eagle 34mm

saint gaudens double eagle 34mm

1840-1873 seated liberty dolllar 38.1mm

trade dollar 38.1mm

morgan dollar 38.1mm

peace dollar 38.5mm

ike dollar 38.5mm

1836-1839 seated liberty dollar 39mm

flowing hair dollar 39-40mm

draped bust dollar 39-40mm



wheh, that's a lot of writing. I hope I win !!!

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I only saw 2 that I couldn't find on your list --


Draped Bust Half Cent

Capped Bust Half


Other than that, great work. Send me your address and I'll get the set on its way to you.

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