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Definately off center, blank planchet

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I couldn't resist:

This is what is should look like:


but this is what my dad had:



I also came across a PGA Tour "Charter Member- Partners Club" token, which I won't bother to post a picture of. I also found a 1950-S Roosie, which I needed for my collection on top of his dresser... it was dusty and dirty and I gave it a quick bath and added it to my collection. My sister and I came across 25 Bullion Silver coins that I think we will give one to each of his Children and Grandchildren (20 of us in all) I think my Dad spend about $20-$25 per coin back in the 70's, it's sad to think that these "investments" are now worth only about $4.50 each!


I was placed in charge of assessing the value of his collection but one of my sisters retorted "What if there is a coin worth a million dollars?!?!". Although my Dad and I went through it a few weeks ago and there are no coins worth a million dollars... I placed the key to his safe in my pocket and didn't bother to open it. In due time I will sit down and really note what is in the collection, tell my family what it is worth, what a dealer would offer them and make them an offer. Most of my Dad's collection is circulated coins, Two Morgans (1879? 1898?), a roll or two of Murcury/Roosevelt dimes, Washington quarters, wheat pennies... and the strangest thing, a "circulated" 1964 proof set smile.gif in the grand scheme of things, it's not a major collection, but it is my Dad's.


It is sad and upseting but on the other hand, it's nice to revisit the tie clips, the cuff links, his watches, his doo hickeys, the little things that made growing up so special.... I will be back to normal in a week or two smile.gif





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Dave because it is a family herloom your father's collection will mean alot more than a regular collection and I would try to keep it in the family and pass it down to your children or nieces and nephews in the future. CHRIS

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thats a cool token error!! laugh.gif


Sounds like you have a good plan there! Just because it isnt a major collection doesnt mean it isnt special! I like the idea of spreading the bullion amungst the family, gives everyone something to remember him by so to speak.

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That sounds like a great collection and a really great plan for passing them down. Not all collections are based on dollar value.

Neat error token, too.

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