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Bird of War

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Most have heard or read about the new twenty dollar bill to be released boasts an eagle of war with arrows in the right talon and an olive branch in the left.


I just received the 1999 Washington $5 gold commemorative designed by Laura Frazer. Interestingly, the eagle on the reverse sports right taloned arrows like the new twenty. Why is this? If she designed it in 1931/32 then we were still in a time of peace with no conflicts anticipated. Any feedback as to the motivation behind the war design?

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Great question Victor. I wonder if that was even considered when making the commemorative. Seems particularly odd that a coin commemorating Washington's death should have such symbolism on it. I realize that it's original design was not at all for the 1999 commem, but there's a potential conflict of both the time it was designed and the time it was finally released.



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in the not so kinder gentlier times of years ago when the USA was not a super power

the USA was always on guard from foreign aggressors like during the early to mid 1800's


i mean even during the early days of ww2 the USA got attacked by japan and in the USA many were worried that there would be a land envasion of the 48 state USA and maybe eurpoe might fall

so these eagle coins were used on the reverse of the coins to make a point and to confirm to the american people that


the eagle meant to the USA and its people and as a warning to others and a comforting symbol kind of like a peaceful warrier to the USA people


like he is patrolling the parameter of the compound he wears lets say armor and looks menaceing so the people are comforted that he is there to protect them and can protect them if need be from any foreign agressor!!


and the olive branch of one claw ment we are a peaceful people the usa is not hell bent on being an agressor to anyone

and the other claw holds the arrows which means if we are attacked or provoked then we are ready to defend ourselves so you better be prepaired if you attack the USA


if need be and of course now into modern times for the USA being a super power do we really need this?

probably not as much as in past years but it is still a tradition symbol throwback to earlier days

and is just sometimes incorporated into the designs of the coin maybe as it looks good and goes together


but be that as it may this is my take on this question and a rather good question at that


as a reward i would like the chance to buy a nice really high end original 1861 seated dollar nice au or might it be given to mee? flamed.gifcloud9.gif


sincerely and respectfully submitted michael shy.gif


am i shy? shy.gif i think i am 893scratchchin-thumb.gif

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