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This a very broad question to answer without seeing the coin, but here are some basics! If you want to keep it in an airtight holder for long term preservation, that would be a good reason to get it slabbed, whether or not it is high grade or problem free. If your intention is to sell the coin, it would be best to get an opinion on the grade beforehand because it may not be worth the cost.


The most likey problems you will find on a Bust half are cleaning and scratches (although there are many other possible problems). Abrasive cleaning would likely show up as numerous fine lines on the coin. Also, if the coin looks bright and unnatural, it is likely cleaned.


If you know little about coins and the detection of problem coins, but you do want the coin slabbed, I would recommend sending it through NCS. They will examine the coin for you. And, if it has problems, they will slab it in their holder. If it doesn't have porblems, it will be routed to NGC and slabbed problem free and you will be charged the NGC fee instead. However, if you send it straight to NGC, and it does have problems, then your coin will get no-graded and you will loose all your expenses.

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