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Certification Number or Date and Mintmark?

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I posted a very similar thread last night on the Registry forum in order to get input from other members and also set up a poll for voting in that thread. It might be useful for NGC to view the poll and read the comments in that thread, too.


I was looking at some sets in the complete type set Registry and was struck by the fact that NGC insists on listing the certification number of coins in the sets and not the date and mintmark of the coins. Does anyone know why that is? I don't like it, I think it is a fairly useless piece of information for most purposes and believe that the date and mintmark of the coin in question should be listed instead.


In some sets, people include neither pictures nor descriptions of their coins. So, if I want to find out anything about the coin that they have in their set I have to click open their link.893frustrated.gif This is not a big deal, but, there is little joy in seeing simply the date and an otherwise worthless screen. You will notice that I wrote coin and not slab since there are bits of information about the slab on the screen.


So, what's the reasoning behind listing the certification number and not the coin's date and mintmark? Additionally, if the members of the board are in favor of adding some meaningful information to the set page, would it be possible to add this information to the page? Thanks.



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  • Administrator

You're absolutely right. It can be a hassle to view the type sets under the current structure.


I am looking into how we can change that. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

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you mean you guys actually get to work on something after it has just been brought up and not a year down the road, especially when it just makes sense to do so? blush.gifgrin.gif


I have to say I am incredibly impressed by NGC's service and professionalism, great job.

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