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Asinine defined...

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Pronunciation: 'a-s&n-"In

Function: adjective

Etymology: Latin asininus

Date: 15th century

1 : marked by inexcusable failure to exercise intelligence or sound judgment




Before I explain my meaning I would like it known that my experience with the staff involved in the NGC registry has been first class and without flaw. They all have my respect and admiration!


However, whoever is responsible for assigning a point value for NGC registry entries occasionally exhibits asinine judgement.


I just now entered a 1965 NGC MS67 CAMEO SMS 25C which I just purchased for $315. Its NGC population is 21 but it received a point value of 16 . This is ridiculous and foolish. I believe that the adjective asinine is quite appropriate.


The same sentiment applies to my USA - 5C 1950 D MS66 5FS entry which received a whopping 12 points in the registry.


Yet, the following inexpensive coins received several multiples over the previous two examples:


10c ROOSEVELT, CLAD 1965- NGC PF 69 UC 81




50c KENNEDY, CLAD 1971- NGC PF 69 UC 143




$1 EISENHOWER, SILVER 1971-74 NGC MS 66 81




$1 ANTHONY 1979-99 NGC PF 69 UC 123


$1 SACAGAWEA 2000- NGC PF 69 UC 143


My type set registry where these example are found.



I sincerely hope that I've made my sentiments clear and once again I'd like to say how much I've admired the excellent customer service that I have received from the registry's staff. Perhaps this is why I am taking such offense to the point system as demonstrated above. I am used to professionalism and intelligence, not some senseless assignment of arbitrary values to low pop, scarce, historical coins.


Please, give this matter attention and seriously consider my objections raised.




Victor D. Easley

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50c KENNEDY, CLAD 1971- NGC PF 69 UC 143

NGC has only graded 7 PF69UCAM

I can understand that one I have been going through a thousand or so proof sets and I have only found 1 that would come close to ucam

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Hear, Hear.


I agree with you 100% on this. I have found the same problem in my 1963 proof and mint sets. PCGS shows the 1963 Cent in MS67RD is valued at $5,000 (NGC pop 4, score 237) whereas the 1963-D Half Dollar in MS66FBL is only valued at $2,000 (NGC pop 16, score 1928).


Why would the Cent score less than 1/8 of the score of the half dollar, even though it is worth 2.5x the money and has 1/4 the population?

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Thank you for your reply!


I can't believe that this post is stirring so little attention.


TomB just entered a MS66 1883 Hawaiian quarter in the registry and it received a whopping 37 points. Call me dense but I just don't get it.


I bet if it was a special finish 2006 quarter then it would be 500 points. I wonder if this is a way to skew the market towards moderns?

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Well, I get it a little better now. I read the entire thread on the registry point system above. Now I realize how type sets get more of a generic rating vs series. I still think that a rarer coin should be rated more highly but at least I can understand the reasoning better.


Plus, TomB explained the rating on the Hawaiian quarter to me.


And, if David Lang is still rating the sets: I didn't mean to analogize you with a monkey. blush.gif



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Suppose to be fun?


The point system is defined before you add coins, why not just buy the "cheap" coins if the #'s mean that much to you?


Seems like we are loosing perspective.


NGC has many avenues to request score changes.


If requested I will provide links.

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Request, Request, Request, Request, Complain, Complain, Complain. I've been doing this over and over again, and it doesn't make any difference. They refuse to make any changes. They ignore me or come up with some lame excuse that is obviously not based on reality. I'm sorry if I sound irritated, but the bottom line is the people in charge of these scores are NOT doing their job. At least not in my particular situation.

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You could always start your own registry. That way the points could be whatever you want them to be.


I am thinking of doing just that. Huge undertaking though.

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I just added the following $25 coin:


25c WASHINGTON, BICENTENNIAL, CLAD 1976 2508966-020 NGC MS 66 163


I'm still puzzled over why the 1965 MS67 SMS coin only receive 16 points especially in light of the weighting given the other Washington's in the series. confused-smiley-013.gif

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would you like to help me figure out a scoring system for coins?


Is that what you do?


The coins should have a more balance weighting, especially among the moderns, taking into account the mintages, population and values. A high grade SMS coin should at least have a point value double that of the clads.

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