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New Quarter for my Type Set

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I just picked this Raw Barber Quarter for my type set this afternoon.

The shop had it graded as 63 and it is.

Three long but not deep bag marks on the neck and cheek.

another draw back is recent alubum slide marks on the cheek (NO it was not me).

How dose NGC look at side marks -1 ?

But on the plus side.

It has cartewheel luster (even under the tone) and a detailed strike including all the stars.

And look at the luster and detail on the back!

Now all I need is a dime and a half.





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Great looking coin Glen. I bought a Barber Quarter at the FUN show this year to add to a Quarter type set I am putting together. Funny thing is, I've never liked Barber coinage, but I find that I'm becoming more attracted to it. I usually take the one I have out most days, and study it for awhile,


Andy laugh.gif

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Looks like a nice coin and you have a beautiful image of it. Are the scratches you are writing about slightly off-horizontal and near the mouth? If so, I can see them. Since I cannot see the coin in hand I can give you no realistic guess as to how it might grade.

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I never liked Barbers much myself mostly because of the way they look worn down.

But this I think is nice.



You can see the album marks in the scan they are not deep more like hairlines, but they are shinny so when you move the coin around you can see them easy.



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