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This weekends action... :) and thanks Labmom

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During the week, I had checked out my collection of 1c, 5c, 10c, 25c and noticed quite a few common dates that I could probably fish out of the "JUG".... The "Jug" is just your normal plastic jug that contains $200?? or so worth of change. I dumped it on the kitchen table.... Most of the money was cherry picked for anything out of the ordinary, anything old, varieties...etc.


(I noticed a message on the PCGS board regarding a 1950-D Nickle that someone could not find, ironically, it is the 1950 (p) that is alluding me!!!)


I found just a small handful of coins I was missing. The remaining coins I am missing (not including Proofs) are D minted coins. The one Quarter I need (post 1964) is the 1982-D!


My Wife and I went to visit my Dad and I brought my albums along with me. I hoped to "trade" my doubles for some of the coins he might have that I needed. I opened one of his rolls and found both the 1946 P&D dimes. I opened a second roll of dimes which I thought were Roosevelts but most of them were Mercury Dimes! He only had about 5 Roosevelts I needed and they weren't in spectacular shape but I did pick out 3 Mercury dimes... 1942-1944-1945 which looked decent and caught my eye. In return he received 8 Silver Roosevelt dimes. (I think I like trading!)


I came home to find a package from Labmom had arrived (Thanks!) which I quickly moved from the proof sets to my various albums.


So far it has been a good weekend. I may go by the coin shop tomorrow to see if my 'want list' has been filled. If it hasn't, I'm really in the mood for a good junk box.


Anyone else get any treasures this weekend?


-Dave 893Rant-Smilie-thumb.gif

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I've been trying to make it to the coin shop for 3 days. No luck so far and sunday/monday aren't gonna happen either. 893frustrated.gif

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Did anyone go to the Melville coin show this weekend? It seemed empty.... not as many dealers and not that many collectors.


Although it's not an expensive piece, I found a 1946 Roosevelt that would probably grade an MS66 FB, although I didn't keep track, I think I paid $2. I also had to pick up that 1982-D 25c.


Pretty nice coin weekend but now I need to refuel my coin budget!



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