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rainbow superb gem satin proof buffalo nickel

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extraordinary rainbow flamed.gif toned ngc satin proof67 1936 buffalo


really uncommon colors for any buffalo nickel business strike or otherwise


sincerely michael shy.gif


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the scan barely does justice to the coin


as the scan shows a dark shadow at 3 pm on the rims on the obverse and reverse that is not there in person sight seen


also much more vibrant prooflike surfaces coming through the toning!


sincerely michael shy.gif

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Very nice (oops) Micheal. Check out my 1939-D.

Interestingly enough, for a coin without toning, the grade will usually reflect the lesser of what one side of the coin will grade over the other. For example a coin that has a MS66 obverse and a MS65 reverse, the coin grades MS65. But in many instances when we add toning like that of your coin, the grade may get pushed back to MS66 or possibly MS or PF67. But yet the strike may grade MS64, the condition grades MS65 but the color grades MS67. I see this more than I want to and it's not justifiable. So when you say your coin is a PF67, what does that mean? Are we to take it at face value, the opinion, on a one time submission, of some graders idea about what this coin is, in numbers? In other words, the numbers don't tell me much but nonetheless, you have a very nice proof coin.




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the 39 d is really neatly toned better than most! i would like to see it in person


the hard thing about the forums is that you cant see the coins in person sight seen so to speak


the 36 satin proof is really an incredible coin and has absolutely no hairlines nor any marks of any kind


the coin was sinply put away and untouched but having some light toning specks this limits the grade to 67 instead of a 68

going on technical merits it is an easy 68


since the coin is blown up many times and the way the lighting is it doesnot show how the coin really looks

as it basically glows and is extremely light with booming prooflike lustre coming from underneath the toning


but you will have to take my word for it..........lol


that is why i really like this coin as it is undergraded as such just from the technical merits and was NOT bumped up any for the MONSTER! toning which makes it even better




maybe we will meet in person one day and you can see it in person >>??

then we will go to the

all you can eat KFC in canadiagua ny!!?


sincerely michael



and since i have been doing this for over 35 years and this is one of my extreme coin interests

i may not know that much 893scratchchin-thumb.gif

but i do know a little of what i am looking at 893scratchchin-thumb.gif

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Thanks for helping me read between the numbers, oops, I meant the lines! 27_laughing.gif

KFC! Sure, when I eventually get some TEETH! 27_laughing.gif One thing I could never figure out about KFC is that, every once in awhile they stop making their barbeque chicken and I love that stuff. All you can eat is the best deal but forget about paying 15.99 for 12 pieces of chicken, that's highway robbery!

I believe your discriptions. With time you'll figure out how to capture the reflection but not the luster. The luster and brilliance of a coin can only be seen while the coin is moving but we still miss the whole picture about the coin.



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Michael, that's an absolutely breathtaking example 893applaud-thumb.gif. Is it a recent acquisition? I think it's the first time I've seen you post it here. You seem to have a knack for finding awesome coins - I guess those 35 years haven't all been wasted smirk.gif.





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WOW!!! makepoint.gif


That is one of the best buffalo's I have seen. I have not had the pleasure of holding too many in person but have seen some fantastic photos of monster toning and this is in the top 2. What a coin wish it were mine. Wish I had somthing that compares but not yet.

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hi there leo thanks! leo the meat is so tender you do not need teeth......lol but it is not cheap kfc but it is so good. the mashed potatoes and gravy and the slaw and then the regular chicken!! wow but the problem is with what i eat if i went to the buffet it comes to about 10,000 calories and 250 grams of fat and i do not over eat nor am i fat of even overweight at all!


but it is quite tasty

if i ever went to a show the way to my heart if a coin was involved would be a tasty all you can eat buffet with unlimited diet coke served by buxom german serving wenches in traditional costume


beijim not a recent coin for be but an impossible coin to find coin would make the cover of an auction catlogue easy to find these colors with mostly red is like highly unusual especially original toned with that thick skin


i am sure and have no doubt there are many really pretty blue all the shades of blue or other colors but extremely very few look as good as this coin or with the colors of this coin especially so the red!!


but coins is like a journey and after years and years decades of collecting you just are out there and things come as you know where to look and you understand what you are looking at

all really long term collectors turn into apprecaitors of this kind of extra special toning depending on the series they specialize in

and this type of coin the satin proof buff nick you just do not see looking like this at all

definately in the top 3/4 and then combined with superb technical quality a really excpetional extraordinary highly uncommon coin


every series has its types of monster coins and this is one of the few that qualifies for the overused term of 893applaud-thumb.gifmonster!


used to be called godzilla but the favored choice currently is 893applaud-thumb.gifmonster!


thanks lucy always good to see you here! you always have something positive to say!


todd it is always a pleasure to see you on here! well it takes lots of time to develop a taste and know what you are looking at coins are a journey and eventually the long term collector USUALLY apprecaites coins with strong eye appeal and unusual exceptional extraordinary eye appeal and that lots of times takes the form or fantastic original thick skinned and combined with superb technical qualities is the goal butit ook me decades to get there coins are fun!


thanks all for the great responses


but you must specialize in something you like that is what it is all about in the coin hobby and this is the thing that will give you the most enjoyment in my opinion and also at worst case scenerio you can usually but not always get your money back after a lifetime of fun and search and discovery


hmmmm i do not think i have posted this coin here before but i sure have many retreads on here .........lol but i have lots of photos but they will not upload here and almost all will not upload on the pcgs.com forums but then if i post them there i always get flamed anyway so i guess as it turns out i likes it here better!


sincerely michael



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also therre is a young man ryan white cloud9.gif


and he has a fantastic site of coins


and he posted some of the eastern collection on his site go to it and see more coins and also this nickel


www.pqcoins.com flamed.gifthen click on eastern collection 893applaud-thumb.gif then if you click on the thumbnail photos they get bigger 893applaud-thumb.gifso you can see the coin and all the coins are much better sight seen in person but this is all we got on here


about one third are star coins but all are really stars but have not been submitted as such and some are in pcgs holders but such is life


sincerely michael shy.gif

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