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A Trip to the Local Dealer

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After receiving some Jefferson's this week, I was a bit antsy to see if I can complete my Jefferson collection.... So I took a Trip... TO THE LOCAL DEALER.


I walked in, gave the familiar face a wave (Kind of looks like CoinGuy1's icon on the PCGS board), his assistant (?) gave me a big hello and asked if he could help me with anything...


"I'm actually browsing...but..." and I started going through my list of Jefferson's I needed. Both "Mark Field II" and his assistant started going through their books and believe it or not, they found only 4 of the 12? I needed.


I picked up another 1993 SAE because the other two I bought in the past needed to be upgraded (Fingerprints on one, Milky Substance developed on the other)


I picked up the 71, 74 and 75 mint sets, a few dansco albums.


I gawked at the Barber dimes, they had some really nice ones. I have a 1910D which is in premo condition but some of the ones they had blew mine away. I should have picked a few up.


I eyed some of the Morgans and Peace dollars but they seemed a bit pricy and I went in with a budget so I didn't want to waste their time negotiating a price. Perhaps my face has become more familiar to them, I got the impression that if I stayed any longer, Tea and Crumpits (sp?) might have been served... not that I mind but I didn't want to over stay my welcome... plus I had to pick up the wife and kid at the Supermarket smile.gif


Before I left I felt inclined to check out the coin tubes of Morgan's and Peace dollars. the "Assistant" said that some guy bought them on the Home Shopping Network for $20 each.... some of them were cleaned and most of them were common 1921 dates. Kind of sad to see someone pay $20 each for coins you can pick up for $8 - $12.


I felt like a kid in a toy shop... I'm home now, so I am going to cut this short so I can go and play.


-Dave stooges.gif

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