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Thursday at Long Beach

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This was the most enjoyable Long Beach Show I've attended in several years. I enjoy seeing dealers from other parts of the country who show me material they know I'd appreciate, even though I can't afford most of it. David Weygandt showed me the nicest toned Walker I've ever seen. It's a '39 P in PCGS 68, but forget the date & slab #; this coin has so much beauty and personality it should have its own first, middle & last name! Three months ago, I thought Mark Feld had the nicest Draped Bust Half Cent I had ever seen. Well, he showed me one that was even nicer!


I did not look at the King of Siam 1804 $. To me, material like that is like a Velázquez painting, and I've seen all of them in the Prado Museum in Madrid.


I saw some familiar faces; Strat, Jom, and Braddick. I also spent some time chatting with Truth, Coinguy1, Nucklehead and his girlfriend, and Tom Killian, who is probably is my closest neighbor on these boards. I also met EVP and Greg Margulies; both of them are knowledgeable guys with IMO a good sense of humor. It is always a pleasure talking with Carol. She must like me now, because she doesn't run away from me anymore


Regarding coins, I was looking for a nice Seated Quarter W Motto in 6. I actually found three of them (I actually saw six, but three were nice). All three coins were nice for the grade and I would have been happy with any of them. It is a real pleasure to be able to pick and choose. "Do I want a type coin or a better date?" Do I want it in a PCGS or NGC holder? Do I want a white or toned coin?" After going to three shows and finding virtually nothing, it doesn't get much better than this. I cannot post the one I bought, but it's the 1890 on Pinnacle's Website..


I was also looking for a type II SLQ in FH 6. While there were a number of them available, nothing for sale jumped out at me. The white ones typically IMO had too many contact marks and the strikes were mediocre. OTOH, the original ones had too much unattractive toning. A big exception was the 1927 S FH 6 that Jay Cline had, but as I don't want to see how much of an equity line of credit I can get on my home, I passed on it.


More nice type was available this time around. I saw some Seated Quarters W Motto in 7 & for the first time, six PCGS MS 66 Nickels on the floor (two of which were nice). There was some copper available in RB 5, for a change. If Tom Reynolds wants to come down on his 1838 Large Cent in RB 5, I want to be the first one to know. That coin was the nicest copper on the floor; it was "all there." High end Seated Dimes and Halves (W Motto) were also available. There were also a number of high end Seated and Trade $s available, and for a change, some of them looked nice.


I didn't see much auction material that interested me. The most beautiful SLQs I saw were in a collection just bought by Larry Whitlow. These were early P coins. The two I saw were fully struck -- problem free (which is very rare for SLQs) -- beautiful coins. I'll be checking his website. They won't be cheap, but you'll be hard pressed to find any as nice as these (excepting a date like the 1917P Type I, which I think is the best struck of all of them).


Lastly, I got some vindication re some coins I bought but couldn't get a second opinion on them.

I always try to have someone else look at a coin before I buy it, but wasn't able to do so with these. I showed the six coins to some people who IMO know more than I ever will about them.

One guy wanted to buy my Seated $ (a 59 O in 3), the Reeded Edge Half in MS 4 & Proof Barber Half in 5 were solid for the grade, my SLQ is original with mottled toning & most people didn't like it

My Capped Bust Dime in 4 and Seated No Motto Quarter in 5 are at PCGS where I am trying to upgrade both of them.


Between running my marathon four years after knee surgery & really enjoying myself at the show, I am very much high on life right now. If one or both of the coins upgrade, Deus é Brasileiro (it a cultural thing that doesn't translate well, but in Brasil, if something really wonderful happens to someone, it is because God also is Brasilian).



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Thank you for the report.

As many people say, it's very interesting to read show reports..I'm tempted to attend again.

Congrats on your new seated quarter. You wrote some high end seated coins were available, but how about low MS seated coins?

When I attended a show last summer, I saw many many high grade seated coins, but only small number of low MS(I mean MS61-64) material.

And how about the price for seated coins? I couldn't get anything from auction conjunctioned with Long Beach Show...each time I placed my bid I only found myself outbid by someone 893frustrated.gif Are they going high??



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It was very nice to have met you. I'd write more but it's very difficult for me to spend time her while I'm at the show.






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Excellent report, Elcontador. I enjoyed very much reading it, especially from someone who knows the market like you. smile.gif

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