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Follow the lead picture post.
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It's 1880. Can you tell?


Whoa! Is that an error?




Die clash. Very nice!






Can someone post a DMPL, anything? This has been a really cool thread. Has anyone ever done this before?

Correct. It's an S-1 misaligned clash die. It's also has a doubled die obverse. It's a cool coin.

We need an 1880 or an Indian cent.

Bring them on. smile.gif

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You'll have to take that up with the blue dog.




Oh, and yes. I think Lord MiniVan did one of these threads not too long ago across the street.


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Sorry Chris. My fault. For some reason I thought your pic was part of your sig line. I totally missed it.

Let's jump back to 1880 or a Morgan.

A DMPL would be really cool. smile.gif

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I guess you guys don't want me to play. Now I feel like Pendragon..............nobody loves Chris!


No way Chris, we love ya man! insane.gif


So how about something 1883?? come on, give it up. poke2.gif






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I must have stolen this pic from Shylock or another serious collector who once posted it - hope they won't be mad, 'cause it's a wonderful collection... 1858 types...






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Hoot that was my small cent pattern collection glad you like it. laugh.gif


Here is the Morgan dollar pattern from 1878. Notice the subtle differences primarily on the reverse.


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Wow chinook. What a great coin. And the image.

How in the world do you catch the colors so well?


Thanks. I cant take credit for the photo. It is trueview. And it is very true.

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