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Times viewed counter for registery sets?

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Is it possible to show how many times an individual set is viewed? This feature is used on Threads, and shows how popular a particular subject is to the forum.

I would love to see a "times viewed" counter added to each register set. It would show us which sets hold the most interest in the collectors eyes, and what is popular now with our peers. It also would be nice too know if anyone actually is looking at the set you have been working so hard to create.

I just think there would be many benefits for the collector in knowing where the interest lies. And the benefit for NGC is, they don't have one accross the street.





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  • Administrator


Actually, we had already considered that! Great minds think alike? (laugh)


In fact, I think I mentioned the concept to Spooly, although he seemed luke-warm on the idea. We haven't implemented anything for it yet directly, but we DID put a generic tracking system together that we're using internally to track views of articles from the front page of the CS. We will at some point extend that to sets.






P.S. In case anyone is curious - see article activity below. We have only been tracking it for about a week or two, and this only shows articles with recent activity. Also, since it was only recently implemented, many articles only show residual activity as most people read them long before we put tracking in place. But it's interesting. By the way, these are ONLY views of the full article. So for example, a view of the front page with all the teasers for artciles doesn't count for anything.


Title Hit Count Last Hit On

Important Service Changes 289 10/9/02

Proper Storage for Coins Being Shipped to NGC 158 10/9/02

CGC Certified Auctions Ready to Rock the Summer 238 10/9/02

Add Your Certified Registry Sets at Record Speed! 198 10/9/02

Conservation of Modern Coins 101 10/9/02

NGC Encapsulate King of Siam Proof Set 10 10/9/02

You Can't Stop Progress 121 10/9/02

Watch Your Thumbs! 19 10/9/02

Play Numisma-Quest Trivia and Win! 11 10/9/02

NGC Adds Low-Price Service for Modern Coins 32 10/9/02

Collectors' Society Finds a New Home 11 10/9/02

CGC Certifies World's Highest Grade Run of All-Star Comics 15 10/9/02

Sportscard Guaranty graded cards to be added to thePit.com 7 10/9/02

Europeans Make the Transition 10 10/9/02

NGC Extends Its Popular Star Designation 9 10/9/02


Upper Deck Chooses SGC as its Official Grading Service! 10 10/9/02

Thwack -- Message for You Sir 227 10/9/02

Ted Binion's Silver Dollars Sold 22 10/9/02

"In God We Trust" ok for coins. How about schools? 10 10/9/02

CGC Employment Opportunities 91 10/9/02

NGC Star Designation to Include Silver Dollars 15 10/9/02

NGC Star to Include Commemoratives 18 10/9/02

CGC's New SignatureSeries Service 14 10/9/02

SGC Graded Vintage Cards Still Selling For a Premium 36 10/9/02

The Certified Registry Adds Sets 19 10/9/02

A New Place to Meet and Talk with Collectors 10 10/9/02

New Sets Planned for The Certified Registry 18 10/9/02

CGC Certified Pedigree Comic Books at All-Star Auctions March 2nd & 3rd 29 10/9/02

All CGC eBay Auctions, live preview at WonderCon 114 10/9/02

New and improved add-coins interface on the Certified Registry 59 10/9/02

Eye on Grading - Understanding and Recognizing a Star 27 10/8/02

NGC Extends Star to All Series 21 10/8/02

SGC's Free Price Guide is Now Online 61 10/8/02

CGC and Paradise Comics Team Up For The CGC Signature Series at the Pittsburgh COMICON 53 10/8/02

The Certified Registry - A Clearer View 192 10/8/02

NGC Confirms Second Known Specimen of Pioneer Gold Dollar 88 10/8/02

NGC to Attribute Cohen Varieties 37 10/8/02

NGC to Discontinue “W” Designation 94 10/8/02

Introducing the Certified Coin Registry! 14 10/8/02

NGC to Attribute Peace Dollar “Top 50” 27 10/8/02

The Certified Registry Adds Sets 10 10/8/02

A New Place to Meet and Talk with Collectors 2 10/8/02

New information Regarding the Bulgarian 20 and 100 Levas in the "Bulgarian National Bank Hoard" 72 10/5/02


News Article Hits (By Site) Site Hit Count

CGC Site 426

CS Site 1423

NGC Site 788



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In fact, I think I mentioned the concept to Spooly, although he seemed luke-warm on the idea.


Spooly doesn't want to know how unloved his Large Cents really are. wink.gif

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Sorry Guy's. blush.gif I did not know this was already concidered, but lacked enough interest to implement at that time. I just thought it would be fun to know which sets, or coin series, was garnishing all the attention. As it says in my title "just learning the ropes".

Thanks for the responses,



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  • Administrator

No, it really is a good idea. And I think we'll do it. It's not really the lack of interest so much as the prominence of other priorities.



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Umm... would it be possible to add a couple of items to our Registry entries? How about a box that shows how many of that particular coin are in that grade, as well as how many are graded higher? Just a thought...

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  • Administrator


Hmmm.... maybe. We do have a link from coin details to the population report. We could possibly add those pop counts more directly. I'll look into it.



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thank-you!, for taking the time to look into it!!! Still, it brings out the question of whether a-- say 66 ultra cameo-- coin is the finest, when there are 68s and 69s...

even so, it would be nice to have an immediate 'reference' of where ones coin(s)

stands, with regards to others graded...!!!

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