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monster rare!! luv bug part two......

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also post your luv bug........... 893applaud-thumb.gif


this coin is graded ms64

by pcgs if you could not guess the grading company..............lol


this coin has a totally complete strike like it was impressed by dies that were given twice the amount of tonnage by the coining press i have never seen a better strike on

a capped bust halfdime even in all the proofs i have seen!


also this coin it really mark free and really grades an EASY NO BRAINER MS66!!!!!!!!!


but as per the above the lustre is good but not like pcgs wants to see it for an ms66 grade

and that is okie as grading is subjective and then add the human side along with a for profit business and then what they want to make market acceptable and then the grading is really blurred


which is okie


i have seen some great album toned pre 1834 silver coins which were dipped white then put in an album and retoned quick and nicely with now white centers but none i have ever see holds a candle to this undipped album toned superb gem but i am sure there must be a few out there!


the centers are so thick skinned on this 1830 pcgs ms64 halfdime that it looks like a thick glazing you would see on those fresh glazed donuts you see at the bakery!




but was graded some years ago and the reason why it still

resides in a ms64 holder is because the coin has such a thick original skin on the coin never being dipped or cleaned hence really rare the coin has been in an album many many decades to get this original rainbow iridescent toning this has given this coin an incredible thick glazed skin that slightly subdues the lustre so that the grading service market grade this SUPERB GEM ms66 COIN AS ONLY A VERY CHOICE ms64 UNC.!!


the services are not used to seeing something like this this coin is such an extremely uncommon coin


to find a coin pre 1834 silver mintstate coin like this with a thick original skin and then the album toning that took many many decades to tone this way in this technical state is close to a once in a lifetime coin


i am sure the collector that saved this coin realized this when he saved this coin again the strike is sumply incredible


the photo barely does justice to the coin sight seen it is eons better


sincerely michael shy.gif


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There should be some sort of warning banner for a post like this. Fair warning is needed to keep my heart in check.

VERY nice Michael. I recently sold my rainbow toned bust half dime from my typeset, and I KNOW it wasn't as nice as yours even though mine was also graded ms/64. Mine had a bit more color deeper into the fields, but not even close to the sharpness of strike that yours has. I wish I still had the pic, to compare. Actually it wouldn't be much of a comparison lol. smile.gif Mine had been lightly cleaned and retoned, in my opinion, but market acceptable as such.

Another wonderful coin Michael!!!!!!!!!!

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Very nice coin Michael!


If it were mine I would send it in to NGC as a crossover. This would accomplish two things, first it might upgrade and second it would be in a holder with a white background, which IMO would show that beautiful toning off better.




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thanks keith! gp! and tradedollarnut! this coin is not a rerun......lol

but i have lots of new scans but the pcgs boards says too large a file ! to post

but not for the ngccoin.com boards!!

i am liking the ngc boards better and also there seems to be a better quality of posts on here too!!

thanks bigd5 you know your stuff!

wilborg that is good advise i should do it i agree

and it would look better in a white holder!!

but no more grading fees for me................ lol

wow boiler superb proof!


thanks all for the great comments i learned lots today! 893applaud-thumb.gif


sincerely michael shy.gif

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You found it! Way to go, michael. Remember when you were telling me over the phone that you would ship this coin to me when you found it? Well, I'll shoot you out a PM with my shipping address and will wait patiently for it. Just think, this great coin at 10% back of bid. 893whatthe.gif You're the best! insane.gif

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tomb you are the best!! i have not heard from you in a long time! feel free to call anytime!! and we can talk!!


anytime 893applaud-thumb.gif as remember i am not married so do not have a boss to answer to.........lol



oh and as per the ABOVE 893applaud-thumb.gif893applaud-thumb.gif893applaud-thumb.gif893applaud-thumb.gif893applaud-thumb.gif893applaud-thumb.gif893applaud-thumb.gif893applaud-thumb.gif893applaud-thumb.gif893applaud-thumb.gif893applaud-thumb.gif893applaud-thumb.gif893applaud-thumb.gif893applaud-thumb.gif893applaud-thumb.gif893applaud-thumb.gif


sincerely michael

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Wow, Michael! Simply beautiful. I can appreciate the lustre breaking through the toning. I want one............ smile.gif

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hi there victor!!! and thanks!!


isee you are a toning affectionato!


hope you had a good weekend!


sincerely michael

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