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NCS newb questions

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Brief intro (skip to questions if necessary): So my PCGS membership is about to expire and I'm thinking about switching over to NGC/NCS/etc. I randomly collect series of world coins that I like for usually bizzarre reasons. I also like toned coins that have what many would consider an "unappealing" tone (Though the thought of artificial toning just makes me feel sick inside). Though my collection is 90% for my own pleasure and for the keeping, I like the secured value that professionally graded coins give me and I have recently been submitting a fair bit to PCGS (including [embarrassing lack of self control] moderns! which I'm quite fond of). However, despite the fact that PCGS has recently created a cheaper $14 world coin "economy" category, I may switch over because of rumoured quicker turnarounds and the neato possibilities NCS presents.


I'm still fairly new to the grading game though I'm getting better. I'm positive I'm not alone in being scared of losing lots of cash to bodybags with some of these coins. This has lead me to consider NCS as a valuable "2nd opinion" service that may save me body bagging fees. However, I don't want to end up with a ton of $5 evaluation fees when many of the coins I'd like to submit are only marginally worth grading value wise. Though the $5 fee may be worth it in the long run if some would-be body baggers ended up pretty coins.


My questions are as follows:


1. If I wish to have a coin graded by NGC if it passes evaluation and I Don't want to spend any money for it to be encapsulated by NCS if it doesn't pass, is that an option on the submission form?


2. I rather like odd and dark toning that some find unappealing. If I want the coin to go through conservation processes IF NCS believes the surfaces of the coin would result in a rejection from NGC, but I don't want it to be touched if it is likely that there won't be a rejection, is that an option on the submission form? Or will the conservers say "Oh, this is a coin that can be improved even though it would probably pass for grading" and go to work on my precious (but arguably ugly) toning?


3. Are there options on the submission form allowing a per coin decision on my part? For example:


Coin 1: Evaluate and submit for grading if possible (but do not conserve)

Coin 2: Evaluate and submit for grading if possible and only conserve if necessary for grading

Coin 3: Evaluate and conserve if possible then submit for grading.


In case one I didn't think the value of the coin isn't worth forking out money for if it doesn't pass on its own merits.


In case two I want to preserve the toning if possible, but I will have it conserved if necessary for grading


In case three I want everything possible to be done for the coin.


I hope my questions didn't get confusing in the wording. Thanks very much for your help.



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1) There is an option to have your coins only encapsulated by NGC. This will result in NCS grading fees for the remaing coins. You will receive the coins back in "body bags" with NCS labels fully describing the coin's details grade and problem description. There is not an option where only coins that will pass for NGC grading will be encapsulated and charged fees while the remaining coins are returned to you raw without fees.


2) There is a section on the current NCS Submission Form to add notes about the conservation of your specific coins. Your concern about the toning is exactly what this section is for. The notes are considered through the evaluation and conservation process. More often than not, if a coin will result in a no grade due to the surfaces under toning, that toning will not be removed.


3) Your 3 situations would require multiple forms. You many add a note to each to have them shipped together, but coins for grading only and coins for conservation and grading would need to be on different forms. Notes about specific coins in regards to their conservation, such as your toning concerns, may be on the same forms.


Chris, NCS

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