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multicoin holder question

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I would like to know how I would go about sending in already slabbed halfs and at the same time coins needed to be graded BUT put into a multiholder Slab. Example would be I already have a 1963 and 1964 and 1961 NGC slab but I want to grade a 1962 and 1960 half all to be put in a multi holder slab named 60's silver proofs franklins. Also here comes another tough one (I do appreciate your Patience) lets say I have a real mix of NGC slabs, Loose coins to be graded, and Cross over slabs that I would want to put into a multicoin holder. I know that on the submission form there is an area for special instructions but I also noted that there is a minimum of 5 coins for grading, and 5 coins for cross grades.

Last Question would be I know the cost of $5.00 for the NGC slab to be put into the multiholder and I know that its according to the grading tier for the loose coins is, so is it still the price for the grading tier plus $5.00 for the ones to Cross Grade? Many thanks for your help in this matter.



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Hi Ken,


It's as simple as can be...


Submit your coins for grading on an invoice by themselves, for example invoice #12345. The coins already encapsulated by NGC should be sent in for reholder (check the multi-coin holder box). Write clearly on the reholder invoice that you would like the coins placed in a multi-coin holder with coins from invoice #12345.


Same applies to your other scenarios. Send in the NGC coins on an invoice requesting multi-coin holder service, and write which coins being graded and/or crossed you want in the multi-coin holder referring to their submission invoice number. If it is especially complicated, enclose a letter detailing your requests.


You will not be charged an additional $5.00 for any coins on grading or crossover invoices, only the grading fees will apply. You will be charged $5.00 per coin for the coins in NGC single holders which are being placed into a multi-coin holder.

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