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1942/1D Mercury Dime and Washingtons etc... -Best OFFER

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I am selling the mercury dime I posted on US Coins Forum a few days ago ..its loc. under Please Help me Grade this Mercury Dime I have asked a professional to view the coin (John Bordner) for an assessment and attribution and he confirmed that it was indeed a 1942/41 D double die with RMM. I have sent him a asking price to pass along and I'm posting it here as well 1000.00 OBO. All offers will be considered as I have alot of work to do around the farm...mainly need a tiller for a garden and a new refrigerator. Sounds stupid, I didn't want to part with it, but "you do what you have to do." confused-smiley-013.gif Grade = XF This is not an auction so please send serious inquiries only. I am also selling a 1937 double die Washington, 1939 double die Washington, a 1943 S Trumpet Tailed Washington, a 2001 P Satin Finish Nickel, a 1998 Wide AM Lincoln, a 2000 Wide AM Lincoln, a 1936 D/D Washington, 1950 D/S Washington, 1950 S/D Washington, 8 wide Rim SBA's, an 1882 Morgan, a 1940 S Washington, a 1941 D double die and repunched mintmark washington, a 1941 Washington, a 1962 Washington, a 1964 Washington, 2-1953 Washingtons, a 1959 Washington, a 1958 Washington, a 1957 S Washington, a 1944 Washington, another 1943 S trumpet tailed washington, a full roll of California extra mountain state quarters, a 1939 Jefferson Nickel double die, a 1936 double die Lincoln, a 1969 S double die Lincoln, a 1970 S double die Lincoln, and a mintbag of 400.00 face value mix of wheats and moderns, 2 unopened Brinks Boxes of Lincolns, 1 unopened Brinks box of Nickels, and a small carded coin box of Silver Rosevelts, Washingtons, Lincolns, Peace Dollars. I also have a book of quarters - Silver mixed dates 1934-1964. All for sale (including the 1942/1 D Mercury Dime) for 5000.00. I will put it as plainly as I can ...I am selling out of neccessity- I have five kids and 4 acres to clear and terrace for gardens this year. I have buyers for a ton of vegetables but I have to have a place to grow and store them. I've started 800 plants already indoors in flats and with no equipment it all goes down the tubes. I am desperately seeking money to rent or buy a tiller, and rent a bobcat for a day, fertilizer, a mule (150.00) to pull logs off the hill, 150.00 to buy 100 hens to add to my 12 hens. A new refrigerator as ours is going out.I need to build a shelter for our goat. Oh- and I need a milk cow.

Thank you,

Fred Dinwiddie

334 Piney Mountain Rd.

Narrows, VA. 24124



email: fdinwidy7@wmconnect.com




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