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Mercury Dime 1940/1/2/2 D with numerous errors

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I originally thought this was the 1942/1 D oerdate and from what I can see it appears to be much more than that . I scanned the image again last night and I found numerous things wrong with it.

1. The bottom of the neck has "phantom O's also to the left of the 1 in the date , also present in front of the nose.

2. Under the chin the designers initials .

3. Mid left field an E lying on it's backside facing North.

4. The 2 of the Date appears to show either a 9 or a 0 , 1, and a 2 stamped twice.


5 . The 4 looks as if it's been struck 3 times.

6. The designers initials have been restruck.

7. All of the letters in Liberty have been doubled.

8. There is a piece of wire across IGWT.

9. The back has been double struck as well.




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I am going to very soon. I emailed John Bordner here's what he said...


I just compared my photos to yours and they appear to

match. I'm almost sure that you have the normal

1942/1-D overdate with some mechanical doubling. The

reason I asked about the RPM is because the overdate

also is a repunched mintmaek. I have it listed as

WDDO-001 for the doubled die and WRPM-004 for the RPM.

CONECA has it listed as 1-O-III and RPM#4,

Cherrypickers has it as FS#10.8 and Breen list it as



It is a class III doubled die from a 1941 die rehubbed

with a 1942 die. There should also be some doubling

on IGWT.



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