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'Across the street' ?

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I assume you folks are referring to the PCGS message boards.

What is the deal with that place?

I tried two times, both unsuccessfully, to register to post over there.

Each time, I created a username, recieved a confirmation email, and then was never able to log on. I tried emailing the webmaster several times explaining the situation and never recieved one single response. After the second attempt, multiple emails asking for assistance, and then never getting any, I did a little search and found this board. Signed up here, logged right in, and have had many questions asked, recieved helpful advice, and found a great place to post questions and observations.


The bulk of my certified coins are in NGC slabs.

If this site is any indication of their service, I imagine it will remain this way.

I am hesitant to give my business to a place that wont even respond to an email.


I see some of you have accounts over there...what is the secret to signing up with them? At this point, I dont even care to, just curious to know what the secret handshake is.

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Why would they ban someone?

Just what goes on over there?


Well, they banned Hayden because he wouldn't put his bike in the rack; they banned Travis because he kept letting the air out of Hayden's tires; they banned Victor because he likes to use fancy words like historicity; they won't ban Michael because they're afraid of losing all of their members; and, people like Hoot & Tooth (kind of catchy, isn't it) will never be banned because they wouldn't have anyone to teach them about coins; Lucy and Billy will never be banned because they have great photos of the inner workings. 27_laughing.gif


devil.gifC devil.gifO devil.gifI devil.gifN devil.gifdevil.gifC devil.gifR devil.gifI devil.gifB devil.gif! devil.gif



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call pcgs customer service 1 800 447 8848


and ask to speak to the administrater of the pcgs boards carol j


if you cant talk at her leave a message


tell her your log on your registered name and your pass word leave your phone number and your e mail alsao


she will fix it get you on the boards and get back to you


good luck my new coin sweet cloud9.gif

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I was banned there and I deserved it. If I hadnt wandered into the OF there, I would still be registered there. Their Coin Forum is in general excellent because there are so many people with so much knowledge, just a question of larger membership. This place is less confrontational in general, which is why I like it.

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they banned Victor because he likes to use fancy words like historicity


893whatthe.gifWhat?! You're still on that kick? That was ages ago. And, historicity is a word. If it ain't then it otta be! 893whatthe.gif


p.s. I've made like 6 posts in the three years I've been a member and have succeeded in not getting banned. Guess that's another way of avoiding the ban meister besides kissing Mster Hall's bootay!

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Well,I'm still a member nearing two years but I must say it's a good thing you can't be voted out by the members or I would have been long gone! 893whatthe.gif






Oh,and never go into the OF...it's one freaky place! blush.gif




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