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Report from the Parsippany, NJ coin show

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Today's Parsippany show was pretty quiet. There were two or three empty tables and floor traffic was pretty slow. (It was slower than last month, which was slower than March - I hope this isn't a trend.) Sadly, Harco (books and supplies) wasn't there. I hope they didn't get disappointed and give up coming.


There wasn't that much that was exciting to see today, except that the seeming glut of slabbed colonial coppers was still around. I did, however, see three Feuchtwanger cents! Tom Stepanski of Dart Coins had two raw ones and Tom Hyland had an NGC-slabbed one. Tom Hyland also had a nice run of raw FE and Indian Cents, including an 1877 proof!


Tom also said that the GSNA should be a good show - he said that he had only one table left.


As for myself, I picked up an NGC-40 1853-O half dollar from Tom Hyland. It seems to have very nice original surfaces, with some attractive toning.

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I don't know if it's an Evergreen piece. (By the way, what's Evergreen?)


It's in a current generation NGC slab, it that's any help.


I don't have a scanner or digital camera, so I can't post a picture, but if you're coming to GSNA on the 17th, I can bring it and show it to you.

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Thanks for the report Dave,

I attended the show and yes it was really slow. I reported on it accross the street with a picture showing how slow it was and caused an outcry because my picture was said to be a security risk. I didn't think so. I have finally had enough over there and will not be posting any more at the other forum.

I picked up a nice 79-S MS 65 Morgan in the old PCGS slab. Nice rim tonning and rev tonning. The gentleman that faced your friend the raw coin dealer who's name escapes me had some nice tonned coins. I also looked at a few pieces of Gold and purchased some 20 dollar Libs.

It was a great show to find a seat and sit and chat with the dealers. See you at GS

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